Free Learning Resources to Help Your Student Build a Business

I dream of reclaiming a pre-industrial revolution family lifestyle. You know, that time when the family business was attached to the family home, and everyone pitched in to support the family in all areas. Dad was nearby for discipline and encouragement. Mom enjoyed interacting with the customers as they stopped by to enjoy the family trade. Everyone worked together to support the family, and in return, everyone flourished. This is why I blog. My whole family participates in growing the family business.

Even though I've never taken a business class in my life, I've come to believe that understanding the basics of building a business should be a part of the required classes of any undergraduate degree. The good news is that you don't have to wait for a college degree to help your student gain these valuable skill sets. Additionally, they can begin building a business that can fund their college degree, and that gets me excited!

Free homeschool learning resources

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The beauty of the internet is that there are so many worthwhile options out there for free. I used the Learnamic site to search through their database of free learning resources to find classes that could strengthen his understanding of building his own business. Throughout the year, he can supplement his studies with these free courses and find help in strengthening his skills while he strengthens his business.

Importance of Branding

The first aspect of a business that is important for anyone to learn is the concept of branding. Like it or not, social media, resumes, and writing samples all work towards building up or breaking down the "brand" of your student. People look at these elements to see if your child is a good fit for their school or business.

This summer I worked with my son to develop a product to sell on my blog: Latin with Andy. The idea was to integrate his love of Latin, his joy in teaching, and his desire to encourage all in one place. Thus the online Latin learning community began!

The best brands are clear in their presentation of their product. Your teens can learn more about building their "brand" through some of these free learning resources:

free learning resources

Free Learning Resources for Building a Business

Maybe they're unsure about attending college after graduation. That's okay! Give them tools to build a business around something they love. They might find a direction for a college degree. They might just decide that they want to pursue an alternative route to financial freedom without the debt they might accumulate with a traditional college degree.

free learning resources

Here are some great options for skills that will transfer in any walk of life:

Become Financially Independent

One of the best aspects of helping your teen build a business is helping them find financial freedom. I wish I would have known more about business finances when I was in high school. I wish I would have even cared!! When you help your teen discover how they can market their strengths, they gain tools that can carry them throughout their life. Check out this free Finance Fundamentals Program to walk your student through the basics of finance.

free learning resources

Review & Win

Right now Learnamic is encouraging their viewers to help their resource become an even more useful tool for homeschool families to find excellent learning resources to strengthen their students.

From November 20th - December 10th write a review of a learning resource on Learnamic and be entered to win

  • grand prize: $100 Amazon gift card for the most helpful review
  • random drawings: 20 $20 Amazon gift cards

If you've used Latin with Andy, we'd love for you to stop by and let others know what you think about this online resource. It will encourage my young entrepreneur!

free learning resources


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