5 Excellent Online Latin Resources

It can be challenging to get all of your Latin work done when there is so much you still don't know. Finding accurate and reliable helps can also be difficult. I've gathered some of my favorite online Latin resources that have helped us throughout the years. It's great to know that the information you're looking to find is out there—you just have to seek it out!

The most common reason that I get slowed down in my translating is that I don't have enough of my vocabulary memorized. It takes so long to look things back up in my Henle book. I used to joke that I stored all of that information in my son's brain. However, it doesn't help me when I'm trying to work on my own, and I can't always do Latin with Andy. So here are some of my favorite Latin vocabulary helps:

Online Latin Dictionary

I really am enjoying this online Latin dictionary. It's a great quick reference source when I need to look up a word. It is great for helping identify which declension a noun belongs to and verifying the gender of that noun. I don't use it all the time, but it is really beneficial to have a reliable place to go to find that information.

online latin dictionary

Online Parsing Resource

So Wikipedia can get a bad rap for being an unreliable source, but the dictionary version of the online database, Wiktionary is pretty incredible, at least for Latin students.

I've been working through the readings from Caesar with my son and those can be pretty tricky. We will frequently find a verb form that we're not as familiar with and have to go look it up. While he is looking in the index of his book, I look the word up on my phone.

online latin dictionary

I love that it recognizes the spelling and identifies the form just like we would do if we were parsing it on our own. Then it points you back to the basic form of the verb which is conjugated in all of its forms.

This is a huge help, although there is no way that this would be the solution for every word in a Latin passage. It's just a benefit for tracking down those tricky ones that are used less frequently.


Really, the best thing to do is memorize your vocabulary from the beginning. It takes discipline, but it's so worth it. Quizlet has so many wonderful study tools for memorizing vocabulary. Many people have taken the time to build vocabulary study quizzes for Henle vocabulary. Just make sure that the group you choose to study has the words spelled correctly. You don't want to be studying the wrong material.

Latin Derivatives

Learning English derivatives of Latin words often helps the definition stick in my head. It is really incredible to discover how much of the English language is rooted in Latin. This might be a fun alternative to reviewing vocabulary flashcards.

This Latin derivative website is a fantastic resource to browse. It lists vocabulary in alphabetical order, and it offers a great selection of derivatives to discover.

Latin with Andy Code Breakers:

If the idea of jumping into the Henle textbook intimidates you, a great way to dip your toes into the Latin language is to try out Andy's Latin Code Breakers series. He loves to share fun and easy ways for students to learn the foundational concepts of the language, so that you and your student can enter into the Henle world with confidence. And if you watch to the end of the videos, you might just find a hilarious surprise.

The best part of this resource is that all of the videos are FREE to watch on YouTube, or you can find them all organized here!

If you'd like to follow along with his videos, check out these free video companion guides. They're great for taking notes!

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    The Latin with Andy Resource Library

    My son and I started Latin with Andy with a hope to encourage students of Latin to keep pressing on in their studies. This online video database offers hundreds of videos that correspond to the concepts taught in the first year Henle Latin book.

    If you join the Latin with Andy online community, you also get access to a Facebook group filled with other Latin students where you can ask questions and gain understanding for those frustrating concepts. It was what I wanted when I first started out in my Latin studies.

    Times are changing, and there are so many fantastic resources available online to help in your Latin studies. Don't be afraid to try some out and see if they help you reach your goals!

    Here are a few more digital resources I think you'll enjoy. All of them are included with a Latin with Andy membership.


    1. Janeen Oesterling on August 3, 2018 at 8:07 am

      Hi Betsy,
      I’m a little confused using Wikipedia the way you share above. Are you using Wiktionary to look up Latin words? When I go to Wikipedia and enter “fuit” it asks if I meant “fut”? How are finding this great info. on Latin words in Wikipedia? Thanks in advance to those, like me, who are less technologically savvy!

      • Betsy on August 3, 2018 at 10:25 pm

        It’s actually “Wiktionary” that I use. You can see it here. Thanks for asking this question…I updated the post above to include the actual link to this excellent tool!

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