Think With Art – A Beautiful Thing

I love it when a plan comes together.

We had just started reading Socks, when I was offered an opportunity to try out a Think With Art box. I quickly accepted, because we had tried the Creation Crate a couple months ago and loved it. I was interested to see what the art version would be like.

Little did I know how perfect the timing of its arrival would be.

I received a Think With Art box free to review and exchange for my honest opinion. See my full disclosure policy for more details.

What Our First Box Included

• A new box filled with art supplies and techniques

  • Watercolor pencils
  • Owl pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Pencil
  • Watercolor paper
  • Sketch book
  • Fan brush
  • Gold washi tape
  • Plastic Tablecloth

• A story booklet following Mr. Toffee’s journey home
• A new problem to solve using art and critical thinking.

Art Subscription Box

✮ Ages 6 - 10
✮ Free shipping options available!
✮ 100% money back guarantee
✮ All designed & curated by the founder of Colour With Me Art Studio (Designer and Principal)

The Beauty of Thinking With Art

At the same time the box arrived, we were working on writing a story relating to the book we were reading. This book features a cat that finds a new home. My daughter had so much fun writing about the traveling journeys of Socks.
When we opened the Think With Art Box, we discovered the art project involved a traveling cat! The materials inside the box fit her story perfectly, so she use them to illustrate her book.

Think With Art
First she practiced drawing Socks, or in the Think With Art box Mr. Toffee. When she was confident with her drawing, she painted him on the watercolor paper provided.

I scanned in her painting, resized it to fit in her book, and printed color copies of her art. She cut them out to include in her book.

Think With Art
In her Think With Art book, she loved learning a new technique which made a perfect background for each of her pages. She simply colored the general idea with her watercolor pencils, then painted over with water with her fan brush.

The end result was fantastic. She was so proud to be an author and illustrator. The next day she took her finished product to our Classical Conversations group as her presentation. Her cat traveled by touching the gold shiny object which magically transported her to new fascinating locations.

Think With Art

Since she didn't use her entire sketchbook, she's writing another story to make her look into an anthology.

The beauty of what happened with the inspiration from the Think With Art box was that she had hours of practice in handwriting, spelling, and writing without even realizing it. She's not my best speller, however, after asking several times how do you spell "beautiful," she finally exclaimed, "I know how to spell beautiful now!"

That is a beautiful thing.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Think With Art Subscription Box

Sign up for a think with art subscription box and you will get a new art project and supplies each month to inspire your young learner. Use the coupon code: FAMILYSTYLE to get $5 off of your first box.

Adventure awaits! You never know what beautiful plans will come together when you Think With Art.

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