Get The Year Started Off Right with PB & J Oatmeal

The holidays are over and I'm ready to get back into our regular school routine. I know that the third quarter of the school year is the hardest to stay the course. With the cold winter months ahead of us, we need to get a strong start to ensure we'll make it.

A great way to get off on the right foot is starting with a healthy breakfast. PB&J is a classic school lunch, but I love merging it with oatmeal and bringing it to the table at breakfast.

I find it hard for my kids to get enough protein in their diet, and while oatmeal is a good source of protein, it's even better when you add peanut butter. Topping the breakfast off with any of Smucker's Fruit Spreads is just the perfect way to please any picky breakfast eater. Check out my quick instructional video.

PB&J Oatmeal

One of the biggest debates in our household is crunchy vs. creamy peanut butter. My ultimate favorite is Jif Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter. When you combine simple stove-top oatmeal with Jif Natural Peanut Butter Spreads  and Fruit & Honey™ Triple Berry Fruit Spread, you're taking charge of the sugar content of your breakfast.

Start with some quick cook oats - I love the steel cut variety. Oatmeal cooks just like rice, so for every cup of oats, you add two times as much liquid. You can make it with water, milk, or almond milk. Each provides a little different texture and flavor. Quick oats cook in 5-7 minutes at most, so it's totally doable on a school morning.

When your oats are ready, stir in two tablespoons of Jif Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter and a teaspoon of your favorite Smucker's Fruit Spreads. Mix it all together, then top with your choice of berries, another teaspoon of Smucker's Fruit Spreads and some unsweetened coconut. You'll have a great warm breakfast to start the day off right.

Instant Savings at Target

Life gets even better with savings. When I headed to Target to pick up my ingredients, I made sure to download the cartwheel app. Where have I been? This is such a simple way to collect savings while shopping. Target is offering 5% off all varieties of Smucker's Fruit Spreads and Jif Peanut Butter Spreads products through January 21st. That's a great savings!

All you have to do is scan the product while you're at the store. When you get to the checkout, you click the "checkout" button, and the cashier will scan the barcode on your phone. It's the easiest way to clip coupons I've ever found.

What are your favorite PB&J combinations?

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  1. Clara Garner on January 7, 2017 at 8:33 pm

    Love this idea might need to try this plus it is vegan friendly!!

    • Betsy on January 7, 2017 at 8:35 pm

      I thought of you when I made it! Maybe breakfast in the morning?!

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