10 Subscription Gifts for Teens

Do you have a teen that has everything? Do you live in a small space and need to find something to give that will make a big impact, yet not take up a lot of space? Keep the gifts coming all year long with a subscription based gift for your teen.

I've talked to the teens in my life and gathered their ideas for great gifts. I've shared their ideas for games, bullet journalsart suppliesroom design, sporty toys, fashionelectronics, and books. Today I'm sharing ideas for electronic gifts that your teens will love.


{1} Creation Crate - This STEM focused box comes once a month delivering projects that will challenge your teen. It combines engineering and computer programming. I love that there are opportunities to learn with my kids things that I'm not experienced in. Getting a box like this in the mail each month is a great opportunity to extend our educational opportunities. $30/mo

{2} Sparketh - Sparketh is an online art education library featuring projects that will challenge and inspire your teen. Watch simple videos that guide you through various art projects ranging from beginner to advanced. Targeted at ages 8-18, these projects are sure to develop the techniques of your budding artist. $25/mo

{3} Tynker - Coding is the language of the future. If you want to give your children opportunities for the future, get them a subscription to this online resource of educational adventures. $8/mo

{4} Theater Tickets - Cultivating a love of the arts is a wonderful gift for your teen. Local theaters offer season passes to their shows. What a great way to give them culture and spend a little quality time with them. Check out local community theaters for less expensive options.

{5} Theme Park Pass - Does your teen love the thrill of a roller coaster? Black Friday is a great time to buy next year's passes. There are usually great sales then.

{6} AudibleIf your teen loves to listen to audio books, check out a subscription to Audible. You can choose to get one or two credits a month, or a bunch of credits all at once. Starting them off with their own audio library would make an awesome gift for a book lover.

{7} Book a Month Club - Speaking of books, this is not an offical subscription program, but you can just make your own. My daughter got a gift from her grandma to receive a book a month for her birthday. She has loved selecting her books and getting them in the mail. This is an awesome gift that continues to bless my family all year long!

{8} Loot Crate - This subscription box is just fun. If you have someone who loves geek and gaming gear, this monthly delivery will knock their socks off! There are several different options, but I love the t-shirt box. At just $9 a month, it's a cool deal for a teen.

{9} Magazine Subscription - Expand your teen's horizons with a magazine subscription. Cicada Magazine is a young adult magazine that focuses on poetry and writing. Some of the material is written by teens, and your child can be inspired to submit their own work for publication. $25/year

{10} Rock Climbing Pass - For the outdoorsy adventurous type, a membership to a local rock climbing gym might be just the ticket! Check out your local gyms for prices and offers. $55/mo

That makes 90 gift ideas. Tomorrow I'll reach 100 and the giveaway.

What other subscription ideas do your teens love?


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