10 Bullet Journal Tools to Wow Your Teen

A bullet journal is a great time-organizational tool that has helped my kids manage their schedules. I love to encourage anything that keeps them creative and productive.

This week I'm sharing gift ideas for teens. I've been polling the teens in my life and gathering intel on what they'd love to receive. Yesterday I shared 10 gift ideas for teens who love games. I'm working my way up to 100 creative gift ideas for teens and tweens, and today's ideas center around bullet journals.

Here are some great tools that will wow your teen:

Bullet journal teen

{1} Leuchtturm 1917 - as far as bullet journals go, this is my favorite. I love the various colors of the hard back versions, but my husband and I love the soft cover option. These are perfect for bullet journaling because they come with index pages, and the pages are already numbered. They usually last me a year, and they are super sturdy journals. I just ordered my third! $23

{2} Cute Stickers - of course this is mainly for the girls, but what girl doesn't like cute stickers. There are so many options for decorating bullet journals or planners. I would have loved these! $10

{3} Fabriano Grid Notebook - If you're looking for a spiraled version of a bullet journal, this is my next favorite. I use it for my commonplace book. I love the grid paper, and it comes in tons of beautiful colors. $10

{4} Staedtler triplus triangular fineliner pens - I love everything about these pens: they write well, they're great vibrant colors, the case is awesome, and their triangular shape is great for grip. My kids are so jealous of my pens. They might just be getting their own set this Christmas! $10

{5} Pen Loop - I like to use the same pen all the time in my Bullet Journal. In order to make sure this is possible, I love adding a pen loop to my notebook. This makes it easy to always have a pen handy when I'm jotting down notes! $6

{6} Technical Drawing Template - If your teen isn't super creative when it comes to doodles, a template like this can be a fun way to help them out. It also doubles a great ruler for drawing lines or boxes in the bullet journal. $4

{7} Triangle Ruler - I love these clear rulers. Since they're translucent, you can see exactly where your line will go when you're laying out your designs. $5

{8} Words to Live By: Creative Hand Lettering - handwriting is an art form. Give them a book for inspiration on how to draw beautiful fonts. They'll love their bullet journal even more, and you'll love that they're cultivating their art. $12

{9} Washi Tape - This stuff is just so much fun. It's great for making tabs, or just decorating the top of a calendar page. I can't get enough of washi tape. $12

{10} Ohuhu Colored Pencils - just like the pens, having some good colored pencils can elevate your drawings in a short amount of time. I love that these come with a container that makes them easy to access while I'm drawing, and easy to carry with me when I go out. $15

20 gift ideas down. When I make it to 100, I'll celebrate with a giveaway. Make sure to keep checking back for the next installment of ideas. Next, I'll be sharing 10 Art Supplies to Fuel Your Teen's Creativity.

Do your teens use a bullet journal to keep up with their schedule?



  1. Donna on January 6, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    What size bullet journal do you recommend for Challenge A?

    • Betsy on January 6, 2017 at 9:46 pm

      I don’t know that there’s a perfect size. It really just depends on your student. If they like to write a lot, you might want to get them a bullet journal with more pages, but I love these spirals for a cheaper solution, or these journals for more pages. It’s really just a preference though!

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