Origami Creations: Hands-On Learning Stations

The ancient art of origami has fascinated me for a long time. I love the beautiful origami creations that you can make with a simple piece of paper. Kids love making them as well. It's a great exercise in following directions, and a challenge to see if you can complete the task.

I'm focusing on Art this week in my 31+ Days of Hands-On Learning Stations series, and today is all about origami creations.


Start Simple with Origami

It's easy to look on Pinterest and find some incredible origami instructions out there that might just frustrate a beginner paper folder. Start with some basics of origami and work up to the harder things.

Origami Boats

Origami boats are simple to fold and easy to enjoy. First start by folding your paper boat. Try several designs to compare how they sail. Here's a boat without a sail or a cute boat with a sailOnce you have your boats, take them outside and try them in some water (we use our pool). If you don't have nearby water, fill the tub and test your boats. It is a great way to experiment with paper.


Bookmarks with Paper

Another great simple start with origami is making bookmarks. Check out these adorable penguin bookmarks made from paper:

 You can also make:

Interactive Origami

There are quite a few versions of origami that create an object that kids can play with afterwards. Try some of these simple ideas:

Origami Challenges

If you're looking for more of a challenge, make sure that you have the right materials first. Not all paper folds the same, so you'll want some good origami paper. There are also some fun papers that enhance your origami fun like Star Wars paper or Pokemon Origami.

Here are some other highly impressive tutorials that your kids might enjoy:

Really, the options are endless with origami!

What are some of your favorite origami creations?


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