Flourish in Your Faith – You Are A Masterpiece Mixed Media Workshop

I've been thinking on the concept of fostering faith a lot recently. It is so easy to get sidetracked in life by debilitating fears, all-consuming distractions, or faulty thinking. Days and days go by without any self-care, much less any faith-care, and you can easily find yourself in a wilderness of doubt without even knowing how you got there, and clueless about how to get out. I've been there, and I can too easily go back if I don't keep renewing my mind.

If it's hard to keep a sapling of faith alive, what does it look like to flourish in your faith? Alisha Gratehouse has created a mixed media workshop to cultivate a love of truth, goodness, and beauty for women who feel like their faith could use a boost.  I look forward to walking through the projects she's designed to remind women of the way God sees them - "You are a Masterpiece".

You are a Masterpiece Mixed Media Workshop

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As a lover of language, I had to go look up the word "flourish" because although I think I know what it means, often there is richness to words that is lost over time. My favorite dictionary is Webster's 1828 dictionary because it offers scripture rich definitions of words with reference to their etimology.  Check out the origins of "flourish":

Flourish definition

So if we're thinking about the ways plants grow, you need rich soil, ample sunlight, and water. There is however a difference between growing and flourishing. There has to be some added element to enrich the growth in order for plants to flourish. This makes me think of fertilizer, or the special minerals found in specific regions that cause certain plants to "shoot out, as in glory" all over.

In our pursuit of the Lord, spending time in His Word, meditating on His Truth, and fellowshipping with His people provide great opportunities for growth. Often it takes something that can penetrate deeper into the soul like music or art to provide that enriching element that results in flourishing faith.

You Are a Masterpiece Mixed Media Workshop

We have absolutely loved both of the workshops from Alisha we've done in the past: Art of Fall, and Winter Wonderland. This one is unique because it was created specifically to encourage women. Each week she focuses on an aspect of the idea that we are masterpieces of God.  All of the projects give you opportunity to meditate on truths while you are given a tangible life picture of what God, as an artist, does with His creations.

The art course opens May 2, but you can start anytime, and go at your own pace.

Here are the themes for each unit of study:

Week 1: You are a Masterpiece

You are an exquisite work of art, carefully crafted, intricately detailed, uniquely you. God made you in His image. No matter who you are or what you have or haven’t done, you are a priceless treasure to the Lord. He loves and adores you.

You are a Masterpiece

Week 2: For Such a Time as This

This is the moment for which you have been created. God has a specific purpose for your life. He prepared a plan and path for you before you were even born. Your life — and what you do with it — matters to God and others.

You are a Masterpiece

Week 3: Discover God's Plan for Your Life

Do you know what your God-given purpose is? If not, don’t worry. The Lord has made it easy for you to get on the right path to finding and fulfilling His plan for your life. And I will give you some guidelines to help you get on the path to discovering that plan.

You are a Masterpiece

Week 4: Use Your Gifts to Bless Others

Your gifts are important. You have been blessed to be a blessing. Let your life SHINE everyday no matter what your circumstances are, no matter what you’re going through. Make it your aim, your great quest to love others and to use your giftings to help them.

You are a masterpiece

Join me in Renewing my Faith

This course could not have come at a better time for me. My soul needs renewing. Even in a normal school year, by May, I'm weary in the journey. This would make a great mother's day gift **hint, hint**

The course includes 20 different projects with lifetime access to the online videos that walk you through the projects. It's on sale for $60 before May 1, then the price goes up to $80. It's less than a weekend getaway, or even a spa day, but the soul refreshment that you will receive from cultivating your own soul and creativity will far exceed the renewal from the world's escapes, because anytime the Lord is involved, supernatural things happen. The refreshment is multiplied.

  You Are a Masterpiece Mixed Media Workshop



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    This looks like a great workshop! 🙂

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