Top 10 Essential Oils and How We Use Them

I never imagined that we would be oil users in our household, but crazier things have happened. I had misconceptions and doubts about the benefits of the oils, but once you've used them and experienced their blessings, there's no turning back.

I am in no way a health care professional. I'm a Dr. Mom who has personally found benefits from using essential oils. Everyone reacts in a slightly different way to the oils, so use with caution and wisdom. I thought I'd share with you my top 10 essential oils and how we use them.

Young Living Essential Oils

No. 1 - Purification

Purification was the oil that made a believer of me.  My daughter had this strange bump behind her ear (click here to see the was pretty gross to me), and we were afraid it was something that would involve a doctor and sharp objects to remove.  Thankfully, I was going on a field trip with my oily friends the day I discovered it, and one friend gave me some purification to try.

Before we could even get in to see the doctor, the bump was gone, and she didn't need any other extreme measures.  I was impressed.

No. 2 - Peppermint

Peppermint has to be my second favorite because it smells so good and works so well. My middle girl and I struggle with headaches often, and a little peppermint rubbed on our temples eases the pressure and helps the pain pass without having to take medicines.  I love the idea that I can equip my daughters with alternative solutions to dealing with pain.

No. 3 - Lavender

This is really my all time favorite.  I'm not a perfume girl, and most scented things actually bother me, but I've loved finding that essential oils don't have that same headache-inducing effect on me.  We use lavender all over the house at night for calming and sweet sleep.  A couple of drops in our favorite diffuser makes our room a relaxing retreat.  This is an inexpensive oil that we buy most frequently.

Essential oils

No. 4 - PanAway

While I was dealing with some recent back/neck pain, I finally ordered myself some PanAway.  I was very pleased with the scent as well as the wonderful things it did for my aches and pains.  When my mom had knee replacement surgery, her "old" knee hurt more at the hospital than her "new" knee. I rubbed a little PanAway on the arthritic knee, and she was relieved to find comfort from that old ache.  This is another great alternative solution to my old pain medicine go-to.

No. 5 - Stress Away 

I love the smell of lime, and Stress Away, a Young Living special blend, mixes Lime with Vanilla and some other wonderful scents.  My husband loves this one also. We have the roll on version, and it's like my new perfume.  I rub a little on the back of my neck in the morning, and it's a great way to start the day. (My husband keeps arguing with me that this one should be higher on the list).

No. 6 - Thieves

Thieves is amazing...we use it in so many forms. We love the oil, but we've also enjoyed the foaming hand soap, the hand sanitizer, and the tooth paste. I've been working my way towards getting used to the Thieves mouth wash.  It is amazing, but it is also intense...and your mouth will be CLEAN afterwards! I've used Thieves oil for tooth aches and pains, and it provided me a pretty fast acting, effective relief. Don't do this with kids though...

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No. 7 - Lemon

Lemon is an all around great oil to have at home.  You can add a drop or two to your water for a great uplifting drink, or use a little in your diffuser to freshen up the room.  We've also used it in baking - wow that cake smelled and tasted so good.  This is another staple in our household.

We also use lemon in a home blend for any type of cold - a couple of drops of Lemon, a couple drops of Lavender, and a couple drops of Peppermint...smells wonderful and works wonders.

I could go on and on about lemon.  I recently found an additional blessing to lemon. I've added it to my lavender at night for better sleep.  My friend told me that lavender helps you fall asleep, and lemon helps you stay asleep. I've used this at times when sleep was vital, and it has really served me well.

No. 8 - Citrus Fresh &  Vanilla

These two are actually my favorites for refreshing the smell in the house!  Put these two together, and you have a dreamcicle wonderland.  Really, the vanilla pairs nicely with so many other oils...especially Lavender if you want a sweeter smell.  I just love the way it brightens the mood of the house and everyone that encounters it.

No. 9 - Raven

We use a lot of Raven during allergy season.  It smells wonderful, and it really wakes us up and clears the sinuses.  It's another blend that uses peppermint, wintergreen, and lemon.

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No. 10 - SniffleEase

I love that Young Living has kids scents.  This is my youngest's favorite. She struggles at night with her stuffy nose, and this one has given her relief from the endless stuffiness. She says it smells like outside, so that's why she LOVES it.  It's safe for kids, so I added a roller to it, and she rubs a little on at night before bed.

I signed up to be a Young Living Oils distributor mainly so that I could get great quality oils for my home at a reduced price. There's no monthly requirement to buy, and no requirement to sell. If you'd like to do the same, click here for more information.

Do you use essential oils? What are some of your favorites?

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