5 Days of Christmas: Gifting Experiences not Things

We are almost to the end of our 5 days of giving Christmas Presence not presents.  If you missed the beginning of this series, hop back and start at the beginning to see what this crazy play on words has to do with the holiday season.  Over the past few days we've talked about free ways to enjoy the season, enjoying time together crafting, and taking the time to play with what you already have at home.  Gifting your presence isn't only about spending less money though.  You can have all the money in the world and give your children everything they've ever wanted, and yet they still want time with you!  Today, we'll talk about gifting experiences and not simply things.

Who among you needs another toy to fill the emptiness of your home?  We used to take time before Christmas to declutter as we braced for the influx of the Christmas loot.  I was at Costco and saw a six foot teddy bear.  Why?  I'm sure it would be amazing to receive, but that thing takes up square feet that I just don't have to give to a stuffed treasure.  Our favorite gifts lately are experiences rather than things.

Gifting experiences

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Six Flags Season Passes

Last year we purchased Six Flags Season passes on Black Friday.  These passes cost just about the same price as one visit to the park.  The beauty of the passes was that we could use them for their Holiday in the Park celebration for the 2014 season, and then enjoy them all of the 2015 season through December 31st.  That means I received a year's worth of joy out of the pass!

If you don't live near Six Flags, maybe you have an amusement park that offers a similar season pass promotion around Christmas.  It's fun to bundle up and enjoy the holiday festivities out at the park.

Zoo Passes

Another great year long experience that can be enjoyed during the Christmas season is the zoo.  I think the zoo is best enjoyed when you can sit long and watch a couple of animals.  When we only go once every couple of years, we feel so compelled to see everything.  That's a lot of pressure when the Texas Zoos are massive.  You're exhausted and end up not loving the zoo.

Give a zoo pass for Christmas and see what season your favorite animal is most active!  Family passes are reasonably priced and easily less than buying a trinket for each family member, but they last all year and don't take up any square footage.

Cultural Events

You could also add museum passes to the list of experiences to gift.  Another great cultural opportunity around Christmas are all of the wonderful productions theaters offer.  Last year we went to see The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at a local theater.  We went on their dress rehearsal night, so prices were cheap.  This year we plan on going to see White Christmas at our favorite community theater the Artisan.

We've also attended the Nutcracker ballet - when you attend a children's version it can be very affordable.

We have also enjoyed the amazing carved ice display at the Gaylord Texan: Ice featuring Christmas Around the World.

The key is making lasting memories with your family that will last beyond the latest and greatest things.  Even though the holiday calendar gets quickly filled with activities, parties, and events, make sure your kids receive the best from you and not the leftovers.

What are some of your favorite experiences you can gift at Christmas time?

Christmas Presence

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