Making Music and Memories at the Artisan Center Theater – Hurst, TX

In April, my family had the chance to experience one of the Artisan Center Theater's fantastic productions: Singing in the Rain.  Amazingly, this small community theater is put together by volunteer actors.  This does not discount the talent - every role boasts a star performance from the headliners to the youngest cast members.Artisan Center Theater Cast

The husband of one of our homeschooling friends starred in the play, and he was fantastic. Complete with creating magic when the theater began to rain, Mr. Blaido splashed and stomped around the stage, singing, tap dancing, and winning everyone's heart.   As my youngest said, "He was enchanting!" So enchanting that as we left the theater that night and the parking lot was full of puddles from the rain during the show, my daughter was inspired to sing and dance in the rain!Singing in the Rain Artisan Center Theater

When we heard Mr. Blaido would be starring as Harold in The Music Man, we knew we wanted to see him play in one of our all time favorite musicals.  He did not disappoint.  What made this performance even better was finding a long time family friend, Elizabeth Dewhirst, starring as Marion.  Her voice was incredible, and her portrayal of Marion engaging.  I especially loved the school board singers, with their amazing harmonies.

These theater productions are not simply something you go and watch and leave unchanged.  Since the seating surrounds the stage, the audience is immersed in the action.  While the fabulous voices ring out around you, music and memories are being made.The Music Man Artisan Center Theater Family Fun

Someday, I'd love to join the other 2,000 season ticket holders, and enjoy a season of magic at the Artisan.  I should probably take the advice that Harold gave Marion: "Pile up enough tomorrows and all you'll have is a bunch of empty yesterdays."

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Until next time, thank you Artisan cast and crew for the music and the memories!  We love you and we'll be back!Artisan Center Theater Ready for the big stage


  1. Terri P on June 27, 2015 at 7:52 pm

    We love Artisan too! We would also invite your family and friends to a new children’s theatre opportunity. It begins July 11 and you can check out the particulars on First show is “Little Red Riding Boots.”

    • Betsy on June 28, 2015 at 5:01 pm

      Thanks for sharing Terri! I always love finding out new places to visit for quality entertainment.

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