The W Dallas…What does the “W” stand for?

w dallas exteriorRecently, my husband's cousin invited us to her wedding at the W in Dallas.  While I had always seen the hotel/residence towering over the American Airlines Center, I had never experienced it's luxury first hand.  However, the question remained:  What does the "W" stand for?

Although I never asked anyone who worked there, we had fun coming up with options. Here's our best decide:

Warm Welcomew dallas patioWe arrived for the wedding early to drop off my niece and nephew that were in the wedding party, so we had some time to explore the hotel.  There are several wonderful areas to congregate and relax in this hotel.   All of the staff was very welcoming and attempted to make our time there as comfortable as possible.  The outside patio had great lounging areas, and the inside lounge offered great comfort and beautiful furnishings.  w dallas lounge

w dallas living roomWe also spent some time in the upstairs living room, which leads us to our next "W"


In almost every lounge area, there were options for charging your mobile devices.  The rooms provided every option of connection, but I was fascinated at the plugs in the back side of the stone coffee tables.  w dallas wired


Right outside the front doors, there were these amazing pod swings.  My girls had so much fun playing around in them! w dallas swings w dallas sings whimsyEven more whimsy greets you on the front staircase with the...

Wall of Cows

w dallas cow fun  w dallas cow wall In the heart of Texas, what could be better than a wall full of cowboy whimsy!  Pretty incredible. 

Wild West

The wild west decor continues throughout the hotel in some really wonderful ways.  Check out this cowboy hat wall out of cow fur?w dallas cow hats

Wow Factor

All of the Texan accents are balanced out with elegant touches, like the amazing chandeliers.w dallas bling The rooms continue to bring the wow factor as they are spacious, elegantly designed, and full of upscale flair.  w dallas guest room w dallas guest room washroom

Weddingsw dallas weddingAs we drove up to the hotel, my niece and nephew said, "There's the Wedding hotel.  W is for Wedding."  The setup was in the ballroom and everything was beautiful.  The staff was wonderful and really kept the event moving smoothly and kept the guests happy.

With all of these wonderful "W's", I really think the W stands for:

What a View

The wedding reception was held in the prestigious 33rd floor venue Altitude.  w dallas altitudeWhen you arrive at the destination of the private lift, you are immediately struck with spectacular views of downtown Dallas.w dallas view w dallas view north w dallas balcony w dallas selfiesTwo balconies allow for many guests to enjoy the views at once.  The back balcony also offers a glass bottom, so if you're afraid of heights, avoid this one!w dallas glass bottom balcony

As the evening progressed, the views just kept getting more amazing.  First the sunset and then the night lights created a magical atmosphere.

w dallas view south w dallas view sunset w dallas view rainbow w dallas view night

What do you think the W stands for?

w dallas title


  1. George Nelson on July 8, 2023 at 6:35 pm

    Only been to the Westwood location. Great Northrop Grumman 25th Anniversary Celebration. Great food, service, atmosphere. Real party and lots of fun
    I think the W is an inverted M.

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