5 Days of Christmas: Getting Crafty Together

 I'm on Day 2 of my 5 Days of Christmas Presence series.  Yesterday I shared our ideas for Soaking up the Season.  Today, I'll share all of our favorite ways to spend time together with a Crafty Christmas.

From making gifts to making decorations, Christmas offers endless opportunities to get crafty.  Even if you're not a crafty person, there are so many wonderful ways to enjoy time together while drawing out your creative side.  Here's some great ways to gift your presence in a crafty Christmas:

Crafty Christmas fun
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1. Crafty Christmas Snowflakes

When my husband was young, his family would make paper snowflakes together.  He is now a master craftsman of cutting out snowflakes.  We've carried on this tradition with our kids, and they have become some of my favorite Christmas decorations.  They also make beautiful additions to presents.  Check out Martha Stewart's instructions for making snowflakes.



All the snow we'll see for a while...dreaming of a white Christmas.

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Wrap it up: Make a sample snowflake and include it in a Christmas gift bag with all of your crafty supplies.  If you want to hang your snowflakes with some ribbon, include that in the gift bag.

2. Edible Crafts

We love making gingerbread houses, cut out Christmas cookies, or dipped pretzels.  I love having treats to share with friends and family when they come over.  My sister makes popcorn and cranberry garlands each year to decorate her Christmas tree.  Whatever you decide to make, everyone can agree that food always makes things more fun!

crafty christmas treats

Wrap it up: Wrap up some cookie cutters or fun sprinkles to add to your Christmas treats. 

3. Christmas Ornaments

We like to get the kids a new ornament every year.  Both my husband and I have a box of ornaments that we collected over the years from our childhood.  Some of our favorite ones are ornaments we have made.  This year we're going to make a paper clay penguin ornament from Alisha Gratehouse's Winter Wonderland Mixed Media Workshop.  I love having sweet treasures decorating my tree!

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Wrap it up: Are you going to let them help choose which ornament to make?  If so, just share the idea in a card and have fun selecting your project and gathering materials together.  Remember, the idea is presence...so all of that extra time is bonus!  I've found that if let go of the control in areas that are not as important, they have an opportunity to take ownership of projects like this, and they tend to be more willing to play along.

4. Christmas Gifts

While you're at it, why not take the time to make some gifts together!  There are so many fun little things you can make together that can be gifts for family, friends, neighbors, or teachers.  Check out my Pinterest board for some crafty gift inspiration.

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Wrap it up: This time you might just set out the Christmas wrapping supplies to inspire some gift giving rather than receiving!

5. Christmas Keepsakes

Why not work on the family scrapbook, or put together a special Christmas album.  My cousin makes an adorable month long activity that they call "December Daily."  She prepares squares of holiday paper numbered to add pictures, journaling, and holiday memories to throughout the month.  At the end, she puts them all together in a cute keepsake to enjoy year after year.  I love this idea!

December Daily

Wrap it up:  Wrap the final book you will put your December dailies in, or wrap the materials to make the pages.  My girls are finally old enough to really be fun and helpful in projects like this.  Put them to work!  Enjoy seeing their creations and knowing that this keepsake will be treasured not only for the memories it chronicles, but also for the memories made while making it.

There are so many ways to gift your family with presence through crafty Christmas fun.  It's so wonderful to look back  and remember the laughs, jokes, and memories made while making some memorable creations.

What are some of your favorite things to make at Christmas time?

Christmas Presence

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