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Science tends to be one of those subjects that gets pushed to the side when the homeschooling days get long, but when a game is involved, we suddenly have extra time!  I have always been a huge fan of learning through games. When I discovered Science4us, I was excited to log in and see what fun my girls and I could have! I received a free two month subscription to Science4us in return for this post.  Read my full disclosure policy for further information.

Science4us review: Product Overview

Science4us is a web based science curriculum that engages kids in learning with games, jingles, and activities.  My daughter loved the animations and the catchy little songs that helped in all of the games.

Science4us review - engages students

Each student has their own log-in information, and the teacher has her own log-in location as well.  What is awesome about the whole system is that it keeps records of work complete, percent correct, and lessons planned.  If you're worried that you're not tech savvy, every element is equipped with a helpful video to walk you through.

Science4us review - student reports

Science4us Review: Program Highlights

1. Student Directed

What homeschooling mom doesn't love a subject or two that their child can do on their own?  When you start trying to juggle two or three learners, it's nice to have a trusted independent learning zone to occupy one while you give full attention to another.

In the lesson plans section of the teacher dashboard, you can assign modules or games for your student to work through.  Then when they log in to their account, the assignments will be clear and easy to access.

2. Work Saved Digitally

I love having artifacts of my kid's work, but it can pile up quickly.  This program saves the work that the students create in a digital notebook.  At the end of a day, or week, when you're checking in on the work, you can see the cute ideas they had while completing their work.

Science4us review - student work

Draw or write something that has lots of energy: solar panels, kids, the sun, and plugs!

 3. Integrated Learning

As a classical educator, I'm always thrilled when I see subjects break out of their cozy little bubbles and crash into other subjects.  In this program, you walk through everything from breaking down syllables in words to solving logic problems.  Science can't be studied in isolation, and the program does a great job with integration.

4. Complete Resource

I love that this program provides everything the student needs to complete the work, and more! If there is an unfamiliar word, the student can check the handy glossary that is accessible from every page:

Science4us review - student glossary

All of the jingles used to teach the concepts are also easy to return to as the student works through the module.  The "Qualitative/Quantitative Jingle" below is one of our favorites!

5. Flexible program for any homeschooling family

The features of this program are robust, and therefore you don't have to use all of them in order to really get a lot out of this material.  If you live in a state where you have to turn in portfolios at the end of the year this automatically produces those.  This would also be great for families that don't homeschool and would like educational games for their children after school.  Included in the teacher's materials are additional resources to enhance the concepts studied that week.

Science4us Highlights

Product Details

While Science4us could be a full science program for kindergarden through 2nd grade, it also is challenging enough to be fun for 3rd - 5th grades.  The price is $7.95 per month per student.  Find out more about the features of this program as well as how to subscribe to the program at


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    I’m with Science4Us so I’m delighted to see your review. I just tweeted about it at

    I like the infographic that you created since it shows whats important to a family like yours.

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