What’s on my Bookshelf: Resources for the Classical Conversations Essentials Program

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I love the Essentials Program. So much of what has given me confidence as a teacher has come from what I've learned in Essentials.  My husband tutored Essentials while he was working on his Masters of Theology.  It just so happened that when he started tutoring, he also started his first semester of Greek.  Amazingly, everything he learned while tutoring set him up for success in learning both Greek and Hebrew.  Why?  He knew the basics of his own language and could track with the grammar of language as it translated to other languages.

This has also been my experience with learning Latin.  I just use the tools I learned in Essentials to figure out the language puzzles in Latin.  Enough about why I love Essentials...and on to resources.




Let me pause right here and say, one of the most convincing ways to encourage your students to use style in their writing is to offer them great models of what you are requiring.  E.B. White wrote the above mentioned Elements of Style, so read some of his books and look for sentence openers, or identify quality adjectives and strong verbs.

Books written with excellent style:

So there you have it.  My ultimate list of resources to support the Essentials program.

My ultimate list of Classical Conversations Resources for Essentials

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