Teach Them Diligently Conference – Dallas, TX July 16-18


Last year was my first year to attend a Teach Them Diligently Conference.  I had really only attended book fairs previously, so I didn't know what to expect at a conference like this.  I was amazed at the refreshing lineup of speakers offered at the event.  With the vendors downstairs, you could potentially attend the conference without even stepping foot into the shopping center.

Teach them Diligently Classical Conversations

When I did go down to browse, the environment was calm and the space was roomy.  Because there were so many teaching sessions to attend, the shopping area was never as crowded as the book fair I previously attended.

Teach Them Diligently staying at the Sheraton

My family chose to stay at the host hotel, the Sheraton, as a little stay-cation.  There was a roof-top pool, which was fun to swim in the middle of the towering buildings surrounding the hotel. It was nice to not have to commute every day to the conference.  Thankfully, we brought a cooler with deli type snacks to have food each day.  When you're hoping to spend money on books, you don't want to spend any extra cash on food your kid may or may not like!  This year we will be making the drive however, so we'll just pack a lunch.

This year I'm looking forward to hearing from speakers such as:

  • Chuck Black - the author of the Kingdom Series books
  • Norm Wakefield - the leader of Spirit of Elijah ministries, who inspired me last year with how to relate to my teenage son
  • Tanya Charlton - from Memoria Press, I actually haven't heard of her before, but I love everyone involved with Memoria Press
  • the Liberty University speakers - they are so helpful with giving a glimpse into preparing my children for college (I'm not as far off as I think)
  • And so many more.  Here's the link to the full Dallas schedule.

So who wants to join me?  Click the image below to register and let me know you're coming!  The only thing better than a great conference is a great conference with friends!


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