What made our last road trip the easiest we’ve ever taken!

Kingdom series audio booksLast year at a homeschool bookfair, a friend of mine introduced me to Chuck Black's Kingdom series.

I went back and forth between purchasing the paperbacks or the audio books, but I decided that since we were going on a road trip, that this might be a great way to enhance our trip.  There are six books in the series (the picture above is missing the first title because I lent it out to a friend...I try to share things I love with everyone I know).

The stories worked like a charm.  We took less bathroom breaks, and everyone was enchanted by the story. Full of action and adventure, these stories are set in a medieval time period, but they also are an allegory of the Bible.  They are dramatized, so the story is enhanced by sounds of sword fights, beautiful music, and multiple actors.
kingdom's dawn chuck blackKingdom's Dawn is the first book in the series, and it covers the time period from Adam to Moses. As adults, these stories kept my husband and I entertained as we savored the rich allegory.
Kingdoms hope chuck blackKingdom's Hope comes next, and it covers Moses to Malachi.  Chuck Black masterfully weaves the Biblical themes through the journeys of the character.  We made it through the first two books on our trip.

kingdoms edge chuck blackBy the time we made it to the third book, we wondered how the Bible narrative would be stretched through four more books.  Surprisingly, the Kingdom's Edge covers the life of Christ through the tribulation.  We were excited to see hope restored and how Christ overcame, but we still had three books to go and we didn't want the journey to end!

Kingdoms call Masterfully, Kingdom's Call returns to the crucifixion of Christ and begins to tell the story from the perspective of the evil Sir Gavin (Paul).  His conversion is one of the most shocking and exciting moments of the series.

kingdoms quest chuck blackSir Gavin's adventures continue in Kingdom's Quest, as one of the greatest persecutors turns into one of the greatest evangelists.  This book covers Paul's missionary journeys, and it highlights the darkness of the world Paul was reaching out to.

kingdoms reign chuck blackKingdom's Reign brings all of your favorite characters from the series back together in a final epic adventure imagining the second coming of Christ to the end of the ages.  These books encouraged our faith and strengthened our courage as we read through them together.

I'm excited to meet Chuck Black again at the Teach Them Diligently Conference since we've enjoyed this series so much.  I plan to get his next series for our next road trip.

Here's a sample to listen to below.  Hope you enjoy!

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