Dallas Holocaust Museum: An Upstander for Human Rights

As I read through Corrie ten Boom’s The Hiding Place again with my thirteen year old daughter, the incredible suffering many experienced during the holocaust of World War II humbled me once more. Sometimes it can be challenging in our comfortable worlds to remember how blessed we are. Visiting the Dallas Holocaust Museum is a…

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10 Tips for Pulling off an Impromptu Getaway

impromptu getaway tips

I’m a planner.  I love having things booked out way in advance to look forward to.  However, sometimes, the plans never seem doable.  There’s no time to spare, no money in the bank, or no hope on the horizon. When those times arise, you need to keep your radar on to seize the unexpected free…

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Lego BrickUniverse: Inspiring Builders of All Ages


When we walked into the convention, we were amazed by the displays of Lego creations made by professional Lego builders. My son was instantly drawn in. He loved all of the realistic Lego creations like the city streets, skyscrapers, and bridges. Each creation listed the brick count required to build the display. After admiring the Chicago skyline display, he calculated the total number of Lego bricks required to build it – over 53,000. Amazing.

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Bucket List Destination: Niagara Falls State Park

For the past fifteen years I’ve heard my mother dream of visiting Niagara Falls. It surely is a destination that everyone should put on their bucket list.  Even though it was 1,400 miles away, driving up to Niagara Falls was well worth the effort. The first moment we reached the railing and looked over the…

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Stoneham, MA

For the last three years, my sister and her family have lived in a small town north of Boston called Stoneham, MA (pronounced “Stone-em”…no ham).  When you live on Main Street, you can walk to dining, shopping, and entertainment.  Stoneham is a beautiful town with some amazing places to visit.  Here are my top 5 don’t…

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