Lego BrickUniverse: Inspiring Builders of All Ages

Yesterday my family had the opportunity to attend the BrickUniverse Lego extravaganza at the Irving Convention Center.  It was our first event of this kind, and we had no idea really what to expect.

BrickUniverse Storm Trooper

Disclaimer:  I received tickets free for my family to attend this event in return for my honest review.  All opinions are mine.  This post contains affiliate links.  See my full disclosure policy for more details. 

When we walked into the convention, we were amazed by the displays of Lego creations made by professional Lego builders.  My son was instantly drawn in.  He loved all of the realistic Lego creations like the city streets, skyscrapers, and bridges.  Each creation listed the brick count required to build the display.  After admiring the Chicago skyline display, he calculated the total number of Lego bricks required to build it - over 53,000.  Amazing.

BrickUniverse Brownstone

BrickUniverse Features:

  • Lego Fan Builder displays
  • Free building zones
  • Education from Lego Masters and artists
  • Lego Challenges
  • Artists to turn you into a mini-figure
  • Brick Market - find all of those unique bricks you're hunting

Some of our other favorite displays included Lego canvases, anything Lego Lord of the Rings, and all of the city streets.  There were some really incredibly creative uses of Legos that we would have never considered.  When my son saw a display of a city street that had mini cars, he was inspired to go home and create more like them.

Lego BrickUniverse Favorite Displays

As we made our way through the amazing displays, we saw several different "free building" zones.  They had areas to build with mounds of basic Lego bricks, Star Wars Legos, and Friends Legos.  My girls were instantly drawn into the girl Lego zone.  They've grown up building with their brother's Legos, so to have so many Friends Legos to build with was like a dream!  I sat down and built with them while my son and husband continued looking around.  Amazingly, we were still sitting there creating when the boys returned, and they joined in on the fun of our creation.

BrickUniverse Friends Legos

Lego BrickUniverse Tree

My daughter built a house while I made the garden for her little character. I was so inspired by the trees from the professional displays that I had to try building one! Mine tipped over about seventeen times, so I think I need some work on that.



BrickUniverse Garden

My son came along and added an herb garden to my yard, and my husband added a...I'm not really sure what it was, but it was cute!



After our day of soaking in Lego awesomeness, the kids were so inspired to go home and become master builders themselves.  All of the Legos came out and the kids started building their own creations.  This is why we will never get rid of our Legos.

Lego BrickUniverse Master Builder

As we left, I asked the kids, "Would you want to go back next year?" Three emphatic yeses.  I think that says it all!

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