What does that have to do with Cleaning?

Changing Thinking about Cleaning

Cleaning is one of my least favorite things to do.  I love to make messes. I love to create.  I love fun.  When it comes time to clean up, I tend to feel the heaviness of the world crashing down around me.  Too dramatic?  Well, even though I have felt that way in the past,…

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Education is a Ray not a Segment

Education is a ray

Growing up, I counted down the years until my education would be complete. Five more years of elementary school. Two more years of middle school. One more year of high school. Then what? College! On graduation day, my learning was complete.  Now I could get busy living, right?! What was I thinking?  Does education end…

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14 Sneak Peeks into Our Homeschool Life

homeschool life

So often I find that people see a slice of a person’s life and then produce assumptions based on their limited understanding.  While you can never fully know what’s going on, sometimes it’s fun to get a behind the scenes sneak peek into someone else’s homeschool life. Here’s 14 random bits of information about our…

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Resources for the Classical Conversations Teacher (Mom…That’s You!)

Resources for the Classical Conversations Teacher

We have loved the last five years homeschooling in communities with Classical Conversations. Since I was not classically educated, I often found myself feeling inadequate to pull off what was being asked.  I’ve realized that all I need to do is be a learner, and everything else falls into place.  This doesn’t mean simple submission…

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Math Games Madness – Hundreds of fantastic math games!

Hundreds of Math Games

A good teacher can extend the learning beyond the textbook, beyond the one-hour time segment, and beyond the official school day.  Games have always been my secret weapon for keeping the learning going.  Math is a subject that often gets a bad wrap for being boring, tedious or a drudgery. With a few simple math…

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