Let’s Talk About Math with Mr. D

Mr. D's Math Review

Conversations cultivate understanding.  This is the heart of the dialectic stage of the “Trivium” in classical education.  Why is it that when most people think about math, they think of a student sitting quietly calculating answers and scribbling computations on quad-lined paper.  I think as a homeschool mom who’s trying to do it all, this…

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The Plans I Have For You Devotional & Journal Review

It’s a new year, and that offers new opportunities to refocus hearts and minds on our relationships with Jesus.  I’ve been looking for a devotional to go through with my youngest, and when I saw The Plans I Have For You Devotional and Journal, I was intrigued.  Jeremiah 29:11, the reference of the verse where the title…

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Chris Tomlin CD – Adore

Chris Tomlin's new Christmas CD Adore

I love Christmas music.  The songs set a mood of remembering the birth of Christ.  Sometimes I find myself getting lost in songs that celebrate the season and totally miss the reason.  I’m always thankful for artists like Chris Tomlin and his new CD “Adore” that call their listeners to worship.   Songs: 1. He…

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Lego BrickUniverse: Inspiring Builders of All Ages


When we walked into the convention, we were amazed by the displays of Lego creations made by professional Lego builders. My son was instantly drawn in. He loved all of the realistic Lego creations like the city streets, skyscrapers, and bridges. Each creation listed the brick count required to build the display. After admiring the Chicago skyline display, he calculated the total number of Lego bricks required to build it – over 53,000. Amazing.

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Flourish Winter Wonderland Art eCourse

Winter Wonderland

My girls and I were recently introduced to Alisha Gratehouse of Flourish and her Art eCourses.  We giggled and crafted our way through the Art of Fall and created so many wonderful creations!  Secretly I had my eye on the Winter Wonderland because I love everything Christmas and Snowmen!Disclosure:  I received this art course free in…

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