Sweet & Simple: Dye Eggs with Rice and Food Coloring

rice and food coloring dyed Easter eggs

I have never had much success with boiling eggs or coloring them for Easter.  My solution generally is to just not do it!  My girls, however, love to color eggs.  Recently, I learned that you could boil eggs in a rice cooker.  I also heard of a simple and easy way to color eggs that…

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Christmas Sweets & Treats that are Super Easy

Christmas sweets

I love Christmas sweets and treats, but I don’t love recipes that require complicated precision in order to create them.  I’m just not very successful with that kind of baking.  When Christmas time rolls around, I love cooking with my kids and not worrying about getting things perfect.  It’s part of giving the gift of my…

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Thanksgiving Eve Recap: How it Really Went!

On the day before Thanksgiving, my husband’s family celebrates Thanksgiving Eve – a time when they go back to the earlier years and experience life without so many conveniences.  We joined in the tradition for the first time this year and had a lot of fun learning to be thankful for more things that we usually…

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Strauss Family Tradition: Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving traditions are big in my husband’s family.  Over the past sixteen years, I have enjoyed helping my mother-in-law put together a family Thanksgiving celebration that honors all present.  I have experienced the days of marathon cooking leading up to the arriving crowds, ensuring that every detail blesses her guests.  I have participated in gathering…

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5 Days of Christmas: Gifting Experiences not Things

Gifting Experiences

We are almost to the end of our 5 days of giving Christmas Presence not presents.  If you missed the beginning of this series, hop back and start at the beginning to see what this crazy play on words has to do with the holiday season.  Over the past few days we’ve talked about free…

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