How to Keep Your Teens Engaged in Morning Time

Our family has enjoyed morning time as a way to connect over the last couple of years. When I first thought of morning time, I saw it as a way to get my little kids engaged in learning. As our kids have grown older, our time hasn’t diminished, it’s just gotten better. It can be…

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Why Bullet Journals Are Great for CC Students

My kids and I have been struggling to find a way to successfully plan our week of Challenge work and accomplish all of our plans. We’ve tried basic planners, online planners, and everything in between. I finally decided that they needed not only to figure out how to plan their schedule, but also develop a…

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Hands on Electronics Training with Creation Crate

Creation Crate Subscription

Technology is changing so rapidly. While coding or electrical engineering wasn’t offered at my high school, I do think that it is important to give my kids access to the language and operating systems of their future. It’s always challenging to introduce them to things that I don’t know anything about. It doesn’t mean that…

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