Unlocking the Mystery and Magic of Science

Quest for Arete

Science is a mystery. Often, we find ourselves intimidated by certain fields of study because they are mysterious. It’s almost as if the subject is beyond understanding because it is so mysterious. Playing with science is a great way to help your students unlock the mysteries. When they do, they’ll feel like they’ve discovered a…

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Every Good Holiday Party Starts With A Cheese Board

I have to admit that when it comes to hosting holiday parties, I can be totally overwhelmed by pulling it all together. While I love to entertain, I don’t love spending hours in the kitchen. It’s one of those crazy conundrums. I want my food to be beautiful, but I don’t want to spend hours…

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Sweet & Simple: Dye Eggs with Rice and Food Coloring

rice and food coloring dyed Easter eggs

I have never had much success with boiling eggs or coloring them for Easter.  My solution generally is to just not do it!  My girls, however, love to color eggs.  Recently, I learned that you could boil eggs in a rice cooker.  I also heard of a simple and easy way to color eggs that…

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Proverbs 17:17 – Scripture Coloring Sheet

scripture printable

It’s funny how a simple verse can be so convicting once contemplated.  Does that ever happen to you? I was looking for a verse to celebrate love and Valentines Day, and I ran across Proverbs 17:17.  Sandwiched between verses describing the perils of evildoing, false talking, and crooked hearts, there’s this one little jewel of…

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Scripture Meditation: Free Adult Coloring Printable

Adult Coloring Printable

I am totally on board with the adult coloring craze!  If you could have only seen my notes from college, you’d know that I must have been way ahead of the trend, because this is what I did to focus my thoughts as I listened to lectures.  Typically my mind is all over the place,…

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