Unlocking the Mystery and Magic of Science

Science is a mystery. Often, we find ourselves intimidated by certain fields of study because they are mysterious. It's almost as if the subject is beyond understanding because it is so mysterious. Playing with science is a great way to help your students unlock the mysteries. When they do, they'll feel like they've discovered a form of magic that will whet their appetite for more.

Chemistry is a great example of how science is like magic. When you learn the periodic table, you discover that the ways these elements react and combine really is magical. But how do you get beyond that initial challenge of the overwhelming unknown? Play.

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This post is sponsored by Quest For Arete. I received the game for free, and I was compensated for my time in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Mystery of Science

Science really is puzzeling. That is why scientists are continually posing theories and making discoveries. The wonder involved in exploring science is magical. When students catch a glimpse of the fascinating facets of science, they will beg for more. It is great to encourage discovery and exploration. They need to know that good scientists will constantly search for Truth. This will take a lot of trial and error.

A Magical Game: Quest for Arete

A game is a great place to start in playing with Chemistry. Quest for Arete, which is Greek for "excellence," combines elements from the periodic table in achemistic creativity to produce spells to attack your opponent. The game acknowledges that "in the real world, this is the magic!" Although it is targeted at players 12+, youngers can play along with an older sibling or adult.

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While playing the game, you're becoming familiar with the elements, structure, and arrangement of the periodic table. Each time you play you'll learn something new about how the elements interact as well as their interchangeability. I love that it sets the study of chemistry in a magical realm, because chemical reactions truly are magical.

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There are two modes of play: rummy and duel. When starting the game, playing the rummy version helps players get acquainted with the elements and the "spells" that you can build when you combine them. Once players feel comfortable with building chemical reactions, they can move on to dueling with another player.

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The game has great depth as you can continue to add elements, such as character cards, to the game play to increase the difficulty. There are also expansion decks you can purchase to take your game playing to the next level:

I love how games encourage learning without the pressure of memorizing information for a test. When playing a game, you learn to play, and that is very motivating!

Hands on Chemistry Magic

Don't just play with chemistry magic in the theoretical realm, get your hands dirty with the real deal. As your students realize that different elements react to one another in various ways, they'll appreciate and enjoy the game so much more.

We had so much fun watching the chemical reactions of baking soda and vinegar with our color blending experiment. Here are some other experiments that employ chemical reactions that seem like magic.

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