Latin Nouns Declension Free Printable

Latin Noun Declension Worksheets

This year in our Classical Conversations memory work, we are memorizing the endings for Latin nouns. I love that the CC program takes so much time to really memorize these vital bits of information. Sometimes it’s challenging as a parent to memorize something when you don’t understand its purpose. Before I started studying Latin with my son, I…

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14 Sneak Peeks into Our Homeschool Life

homeschool life

So often I find that people see a slice of a person’s life and then produce assumptions based on their limited understanding.  While you can never fully know what’s going on, sometimes it’s fun to get a behind the scenes sneak peek into someone else’s homeschool life. Here’s 14 random bits of information about our…

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The Role of Questions in Classical Education

Questions in Classical Education

Questions play a major role in Classical Education, and recently I’ve observed that each of the classical arts in the Trivium have specific types of questions that draw out each of the art’s specific purposes. Classical Education and the Trivium In Latin, the “trivium” means three roads or three paths to learning.  These three paths…

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The Kimbell Art Museum: Family Friendly

I have long since been afraid that there are places that kids are theoretically welcome, but not practically.  You know, a place where they are supposed to let you in, but they’d rather you not come?! I’ve avoided art museums mostly because it overwhelmed me to think about keeping my kids quiet, and still, and away…

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Resources for the Classical Conversations Teacher (Mom…That’s You!)

Resources for the Classical Conversations Teacher

We have loved the last five years homeschooling in communities with Classical Conversations. Since I was not classically educated, I often found myself feeling inadequate to pull off what was being asked.  I’ve realized that all I need to do is be a learner, and everything else falls into place.  This doesn’t mean simple submission…

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