Being a Lead Learner of Great Artists

Inspiring learners as a Lead Learner of Great Artists

Christmas is over, January strikes, and the desire to be a lead learner seems nowhere in sight.  There is nothing harder than getting back into the groove of learning after a holiday break.  Unlike starting in the fall, the freshness of a new school year doesn’t exist to propel you into another semester of learning.…

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The Power of Comparison 

I think too often comparison gets a bad rap. Just like chocolate can be bad if misused, comparison isn’t the bad guy, it can just be used in harmful ways. Comparison can be a thief of joy, but it can also be a shepherd of wisdom. What?!  You think I’m crazy don’t you?  I would…

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Latin Verb Conjugations Present Stem Worksheets

Latin Verb Conjugations

Recently after I posted some Latin Noun Declension worksheets, I had several people ask for worksheets to complement the memory work we do in Cycle 2 of Classical Conversations going along with our Latin Verb Conjugations endings we memorize. This was a challenge as nouns are fairly straightforward and simple, while verbs are like a…

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Tiki-Toki Digital Timeline Maker

Digital Timeline Maker Tiki-toki

We love timelines.  In our first year of Classical Conversations, we memorized the timeline from Veritas Press.  Then a couple years later, the CC timeline changed, and we’ve enjoyed learning the CC Acts and Facts timeline.  Since my son has started the CC Challenge program, we are continually building timelines of the people we learn about and…

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Education is a Ray not a Segment

Education is a ray

Growing up, I counted down the years until my education would be complete. Five more years of elementary school. Two more years of middle school. One more year of high school. Then what? College! On graduation day, my learning was complete.  Now I could get busy living, right?! What was I thinking?  Does education end…

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