Morning Time in December

I first learned about Morning Time at a CiRCE conference a couple of years ago.  I fell in love with the idea of liturgy in my home; a sort of routine coming before the Lord together as one family, and sharing our love of learning and conversation.  As my family grows up, this together time becomes more…

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15 Great Books You’ll Fall For

15 Great Books

It’s no secret that my family loves books.  Great books can engage budding readers, enrich active imaginations, and encourage godly living.  When books like these cross my path, I love to make sure they become not only a part of our home library, but also a part of our family fabric where quotes, themes, and stories…

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Homeward Bound by Way of Niagara Falls

Our family vacation this fall break was more about the journey than the destination, although we stopped at some amazing places.  If you missed the first half of our trip, you can read more here.  Thankfully when we left Boston, we didn’t leave our family as they traveled with us to our next destination! This…

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Sunday Reflections: Love is in the Air

Sunday Reflections

Life at the Strauss House… With a wedding at the end of the week, we had to be really efficient at the beginning of the week.  I say that, but life doesn’t always happen that way.  Sometimes you have to readjust priorities for that week and just get the major tasks done, and let the…

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5 Simple Ways to Cultivate Sweet Dreams

5 simple ways to cultivate sweet dreams

It’s amazing how different kids can struggle with nightmares that rob them from sweet dreams.  My youngest is my most sensitive child, and even though she’s better now, there were many nights when she would find her way into my bed terrified from a bad dream.  As much as I love those sweet snuggles, I…

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