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My Home Library – The Big Reveal

home library homeschool

I have long dreamed of having a home library. As a little girl, my sister and I would catalog our books and play library. Now that I’m grown and I love filling my home with wonderful literary resources, the desire for a home library has not diminished, rather it has increased. My old homeschool room…

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How to Jazz Up Boring Storage With Custom Labels

Let’s just face it: homeschoolers have a lot of stuff. Just like any classroom, you accumulate things over time. One of my greatest downfalls is buying cheap school supplies in the fall when I already have an ample supply at home. If your storage isn’t organized, you can fall into this trap. Custom labels help…

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Why Bullet Journals Are Great for CC Students

My kids and I have been struggling to find a way to successfully plan our week of Challenge work and accomplish all of our plans. We’ve tried basic planners, online planners, and everything in between. I finally decided that they needed not only to figure out how to plan their schedule, but also develop a…

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