Because He Cares Free Coloring Sheet

I have felt alone more than often lately. When that happens, my mind travels down the list of woes from my life. I’ve had my share of hardships, but that’s not the whole story of my life. It is tempting to believe that it is when I don’t feel like getting out of bed, or…

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You’ll See – Single Release by Jason Strauss

Life gets crazy sometimes, doesn’t it? In fact, it can get downright overwhelming. Our good Father orchestrates events perfectly for our good – yes, we know that intellectually, but admittedly, there are moments when it sure doesn’t seem like it.  I wrote a song at one of those times. Not unlike you probably, I have…

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Beholding Beauty: Doodle With Me

Doodle with me

I am pretty sure it was Andrew Kern who first inspired me to consider the concept of “you become what you behold.” He would follow up this statement with, “Behold the Lamb.” Beauty is relegated to the land of personal preference and therefore often overlooked in its importance for our soul. My daughter is sharing…

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