8 Tips For a Successful CC Community Day

Since my kids have aged out of Foundations/Essentials, I asked my good friend Jade to share some of her tips for success with a big family on their CC community day. She has two students in Challenge and five younger kids to get to community day. It is possible to make it work with a…

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Latin with Andy Code Breakers

Latin with Andy Code Breakers supplemental materials

When we started making Latin videos for Latin with Andy in 2017, we had no idea what we were in for! We have learned so much on our journey, and we’re excited to share a new branch of the Latin with Andy resources: Code Breakers! Andy had the opportunity to work with some younger students…

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Resources for Classical Conversation Cycle 3 Foundations

classical conversations

Cycle 3 of Classical Conversations is up next, and I’m excited to revisit the memory work.  I really enjoy American history, and there are so many fun resources out there to fill my bookshelves. None of these books are required to complete a successful year studying with Classical Conversations, and many of them you can find at your…

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A Super Simple Way to Learn About Instruments

Learn about instruments

Every year around this time I look forward to giving my kids new and fun ways to learn about instruments. We’ve been a part of Classical Conversations for nearly seven years, and the last six weeks of foundations orchestra study is still one of my favorite parts. I played in the band when I was…

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