Hope Springs New as We Celebrate Advent

This past year and a half have been a quiet season for me. Have you ever experienced that? I could blame it on the world shutting down, or the fact that my mom's breast cancer returned and we spent about nine months walking through another round of treatments. It didn't seem like those were the actual reasons for my silence. There always seem to be circumstances that could slow down progress in pursuits that we love, but I've walked through deeper valleys where writing was a source of comfort and healing for me. So that wasn't it.

Then last week it suddenly felt like the floodgates were opened and creativity began pouring out of everyone in my house! Andy was writing beautiful poetry, Alyssa was painting gorgeous fall scenes, and Jason and Audrey were writing music to celebrate the hope that is renewed every year at this time—the remembered hope of a Savior that came as a baby long ago, and the anticipated hope of His return.

Hope is like a seed planted in the soil, buried in the darkness, left to die. Yet, it does not die. It has a secret. In the burying, in the death, life springs forth into roots and a tiny shoot fights its way up in search of sunlight.

Jesus of Nazareth came from a particular family tree. Romans 15:12 mentions that the "root of Jesse will spring up." This hope was promised over the tribe of Judah when it looked like the hope of maintaining the kingly lineage of David, son of Jesse, was sure to fail. The promise lay dormant for hundreds of years until John the Baptist started proclaiming that the Messiah was in their midst!

God does what He says He will do, even if it takes longer than we expect. His character is what fills us with joy as we trust Him. We can hope because He is faithful!

My husband and daughter wrote this song together to celebrate the gift of hope that came through the person of Jesus Christ. By keeping His word, God became a sure and steadfast anchor for us even in the midst of uncertainties all around us. It may look like our hopes are dead and buried, but that is just the beginning of new life stirring and growing underground.

Hope does not disappoint when our hope is in the Lord alone! May you overflow with hope this holiday season through the Holy Spirit as you hope in God.

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