How Challenge 2 Reading Inspired Me to Read More

With eighteen books on the list, the Challenge 2 reading can be a little intimidating to tackle. I watched my brother and cousins make it through, so I knew it was doable, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to do the hard work. I'm so thankful that I did because it has opened up a whole new world of reading to me that I didn't know was possible.

Reading Was A Chore

Currently, I am a Challenge 2 student of Classical Conversations. I have been a part of CC for the majority of my life. This is my family’s tenth year of CC. Crazy right?

I have always liked to read, but when I started the challenge program in seventh grade, I found it hard to make time to read books that I chose or was interested in. In the summer, I was reading the books for the next school year to prepare, and in the school year I was reading the assigned books for the year. So, slowly, reading books became more of a chore and less of an enjoyable pastime.

There were a few times when I found a book to read that I loved, but I always had trouble when my book ended. I didn’t have the desire to read pull me into another book.

The Challenge 2 Change

When I got to Challenge 2 however, my whole perspective changed. I have read some pretty amazing books this year, including:

My favorites of this semester were; The Pilgrim’s Progress, Pride and Prejudice, and Jane Eyre. In these books I lost myself. I spent hours at a time—reading.

Not as a chore.

Not as an assignment, but for fun.

For enjoyment.

My love for reading was re-ignited as I read these books.

Inspiring More Reading

Soon after reading them, I found myself making a Goodreads account, planning how many books I would read by the end of the year, organizing my bookshelf, and having fun choosing which book to read next on my own time.

I talked to one of my classmates, and we made a plan to read some new books together. Additionally, I have been inspired to read more of Louisa May Allcot’s books, such as Little Women and The Inheritance. My Nana inspired me to read a few of the YWAM Missionary Biographies.

My Challenge 2 reading really sparked a love of reading in me.

Now I want to read books, but not just any books, I want to read Classics.

I want to read books with older English language in them.

I want to read books that challenge me to think about what they mean and that take time to understand the language.

When you love something, you make time for it.

Future Reading

Now, having rekindled my love of reading, I don't have much trouble making time for reading because I enjoy it. The literature in the first semester of Challenge 2, has inspired a love of reading in me, an appreciation for the classics in me, and a patient heart for understanding in me. Moving forward, I am very excited as I approach the second semester of Challenge 2 full of new and exciting books. I am most excited to keep making progress, to learn, and enjoy it while I do. 

I've also found that as a better reader, I'm able to read and absorb all kinds of books. With this doorway opened to me, I have endless avenues for learning about all of my interests through books.


  1. Dee Dee on February 15, 2020 at 9:10 am

    Such a lovely post, Alyssa! Thank you for your efforts – and happy reading! Would love to see additional lists of classic books you enjoy.

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