The GPA Trakr : A Better Way to Navigate High School Credits

After graduating my first, I have a good sense of the necessity of keeping good records and having the right info for your transcript. A good friend of mine has come up with a solution: The GPA Trakr. It's a tool that provides a great way to organize and track your student's high school career. I've asked her to share her story about how and why she developed this resource. Keep reading to the end for an awesome $10 off coupon code!

When my daughter, Kiki, entered 9th grade, I knew that I would have to transition into tracking her classes, grades, credits and a GPA for the sake of graduation and college. Yikes! Although I consider myself relatively organized, this was going to be a whole new journey for me. Prior to this, math was the only thing I tracked. I feared making mistakes that would hinder her opportunity to graduate! In reality, many homeschooling parents are intimidated by homeschooling through highschool. In fact, it’s a time that many choose to quit homeschooling entirely! The question that came to my mind was, “Will I be able to ensure that my daughter would graduate properly?” 

Research, Research, Research

I dove into some useful research and began to put together information that became of great value to me. I found the highschool requirements for my state and, with the help of my husband, created a simple but very useful spreadsheet that would not only help me track her classes, credits, and final grades, but also auto-formulate her GPA with every grade. In creating it, I knew immediately that this was going to prove extremely helpful to me! In the midst of all this, I found that the journey to graduate my child was really not going to be difficult at all! It just required a good system and a little organization! 

Being prepared for graduation boils down to just a few simple things:

  1. Knowing the criteria
  2. Doing the criteria
  3. Tracking the criteria

In lieu of this, I created a tool to share with other parents who were beginning their journey to homeschool through highschool. I call it the GPA Trakr and it is meant to make the process of tracking highschool classes, credits and GPA as simple as possible, tackling criterias #1 and #3.

Here’s what the GPA Trakr does:

  • Gives you immediate access to Texas High School Graduation Requirements with an additional special link for criteria for all other states.
  • Allows you to quickly add the classes and curriculum that your high schooler is taking
  • Helps you track the final grade and credit for each class, accounting for additional credits for Honors classes
  • Auto-populates a real time GPA as you enter each grade
  • Helps you be prepared with everything you need for your child’s high school transcript 


  • You buy it once for your whole family and use it for each child - it is NOT a subscription
  • Keep your family protected from inquiring minds by have great records
  • Plan classes ahead, be organized, and have a great overview for what’s to come
  • Allow your high schooler to easily see how they are progressing in their journey

If you’re interested in this tool, it is my pleasure to offer you a $10 OFF coupon for followers of Family Style Schooling and get it for just $39.95. Just enter the code FAMILYSTYLESCHOOL and purchase it here.

And because I want you to love it, I always offer a money back guarantee

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  1. Joseph Lopez on October 30, 2019 at 9:40 pm

    I’m in CA. How would I access those high school requirements? Thank you.

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