70+ Gifts for the Book Lover in Your Life

With Mother's Day, end of school, and graduation right around the corner, I thought it fitting to share some non-book ideas that would make great gifts for the book lover in your life. It can be hard to know if someone already has a certain book that you found, but there are some other ways to celebrate their love of books that they might enjoy a little bit more than a second copy of their favorite book!

gifts for the book lover

Wearable Gifts For A Book Lover

There is nothing like a good book quote t-shirt that will spark a conversation about your favorite book with a stranger. Wearing your love of books opens you up to having spontaneous book clubs wherever you go, or at least to finding your bookish kindred spirits. Here are some cute options for book lovers:

If you know your book lover's favorite author, you can search for apparel with quotes from their books. It is incredible what you can find these days!

Sock Gifts For a Book Lover

While these are wearable, they are a little more of a subtle statement and can be a really fun gift for a friend who loves books. Check out these cute options:

Jewelry to Charm a Book Lover

Every girl likes a bit of sparkle in their lives. These cute charms, earrings, and pins inspired by the greatest books make great gifts for students or teachers who love to read!

Best Book Accessory: A Book Bag

Every reader that I know loves a cute bag that will accommodate all of their books that they carry wherever they go. You can never have too many bags! You need different sizes for different situations - you know, when you want to carry just one book, or when you need all ten of the books you're currently reading. A bag for every season...you get where I'm going.

Snuggle Up with a Good Book and a Cup of Coffee or Tea

One of the best partner addictions to reading is drinking coffee or hot tea. There is just something magical about snuggling up with a good book and a cup of coffee. A fun mug can let you book loving friend know that you appreciate their love of good literature. Here are some fun options:

Tea time is even better with some literary inspired tea!

And maybe they'd like some cute coasters to go along with their love of coffee...

Ramp Up Their Literary Experience with a Cook Book

Excite all of their senses with these book inspired cookbooks. They can host a literary tea party...

Bake their way through the classics with Scone with the Wind...

Or find a bit of scope for their culinary imagination with these Anne of Green Gables inspired recipes:

Enjoy dinner with Mr. Darcy with these Jane Austen inspired recipes:

Tools To Encourage Their Inner Librarian

My sister and I used to play library at home with all of our books. I think I would have made a wonderful librarian. Here are some fun tools that encourage their inner librarian:

Book Decor for Your Book Lover

Spread the love of books beyond just the bookshelves with these fun book-inspired home decor items. My mother-in-law gave me this book light for Christmas...and I LOVE IT!

Gift Cards and Bookmarks Make Great Gifts for Book Lovers

When you are in doubt, a gift card paired with a cute book mark can be a great way to show love to your bookish friends. Here are some cute options:

More Bookish Fun

And then there are the times when that book lover of yours has everything and you just need something a little more unique. Here are some more gifts that provide bookish fun:

gifts for the book lover

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