Simple Homeschool High School Curriculum from 7 Sisters

This next year I will have two high schoolers in my homeschool. I am realizing how quick the time passes and how much I still want to be a part of their education. Even though we're a part of Classical Conversations, I still am the teacher of my kids. That means that I get to design learning opportunities for each of my unique students to help prepare them for their future. CC offers a fantastic foundation with the flexibility to pursue other interests as needed. 7Sisters Homeschool offers some simple Homeschool High School curriculum options to round out your student's education.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by 7Sisters Homeschool. I received the materials for free and was compensated for my time in reviewing them. All opinions are my own. See my full disclosure policy for more details. 

Homeschool High School Curriculum

Sometimes people fear homeschooling high school because they think that they don't know enough or will miss something crucial to their student's education. The bad news is that no matter how hard you try, your student's education will still be filled with gaps. The good news is that if you train them to learn, they will be able to fill in those gaps as they grow just as I'm sure you have done in your own life.

The other good news is that there are so many wonderful resources out there to help you homeschool through high school. You're not alone. offers fantastic curriculum options developed by homeschooling sisters with 20+ years of experience. Since there is not ONE right way to homeschool, it's great to have options. Here are some of my favorites:

Financial Literacy

I wish I would have learned the basics of budgeting, credit cards, and tax returns before I was released into the world. We've worked with our kids on creating budgets for trips and saving for them, but I want to make sure that they also know how to set up and manage a personal budget. Here are some great options for walking your high schoolers through these ideas:

College & Career Counseling

So after you've trained your teens to successfully budget, they'll be looking at their future college and career options in a different way. Hopefully they won't be ready to take on mountains of debt for a career path that they are unsure about. Give them tools to discover their direction and set them up for success for the future with some of these excellent resources:

Real World Writing

One skill that employers are looking for is the ability to communicate. Learning some formats outside of the formal or persuasive essay equips teens with tools to implement in real life situations. Topics include:

  • Writing a Business Letter
  • Writing an Organizational Newsletter
  • Writing Advertising Copy and Press Releases
  • Writing a Product Review
  • Writing a Set of How-To Instructions
  • Writing a Project Proposal and Abstract.

High School Guide to Professional Writing ($12.99)

Human Development

I have a daughter that would love to be a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. If not, she'd definitely love to be a mother, or I'd love for her to take care of me one day. I love that there are options available for my daughter to learn the basics from a Christian worldview.

More Help for High School

There are so many fantastic resources that are completely FREE that you can download right away and try out. One of my favorites is the Anne of Green Gables Study GuideYou can also sign up for their newsletter to get practical help and great discounts from time to time.

If you're into podcasts, you should check theirs out and be encouraged about all things high school. The best part about everything they do is that there is no busywork and no over kill. It's just enough to build character and critical thinking skills in an enjoyable way.


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