Navarre Beach – Florida’s Most Relaxing Place

After our California Road Trip last summer, my husband said that the next trip we take, he'd like to just go and stay in one place to just rest. There was wisdom in that desire, so I thought I'd like to return to Pensacola Beach (one of our favorite beaches in Florida). The kids barely remembered it from the last time we went, but as our family has grown since our last visit, we needed something bigger than a single hotel room if it was going to be truly a relaxing getaway. In trying to find a good deal, I stumbled across Navarre Beach just down the road and struck gold.

When you drive across the bridge in Navarre, FL to Santa Rosa Island, you see this sign with the bold statement: "Navarre Beach - Florida's Most Relaxing Place." I'm not sure that I can speak to the relaxation levels of other Florida cities, but this slice of beach definitely delivered.

Navarre Beach Vacation Rentals

There are many vacation rentals to choose from, but we opted for Sabbia Bianca because it offered comfortable sleeping arrangements for everyone, easy beach access, and stunning views. Sometimes you see pictures of places like this online, and then arrive only to find it less than expected. This place was even better than we imagined.

Because the condo only has 54 units, the beach was never crowded. There was a chair and umbrella service daily, so we always had a nice place to relax when we went out to the beach. This totally exceeded our expectations.

Marine Life at Navarre Beach

One of our favorite parts of the area was watching all of the marine life at Navarre Beach. One day we unintentionally swam with sting rays! My daughter sped out of the water when she saw them near her, but they peacefully swam among the rest of the people in the water for a long time. The picture below was taken from my 12th floor balcony. I still can't believe the water is that clear that you could see something swimming from that far away!

We also caught a glimpse of several pods of dolphins throughout the week. We never got close enough to really see them, but a couple of guys fishing from their kayaks had a close encounter!

One of the reasons that Navarre Beach is such a relaxing place is that it is really just a quiet community without many commercial attractions around. That worked perfectly for us!

The one attraction available was the longest pier on the Florida coast. For $1 per person, you can walk down the pier and enjoy the views from thirty feet above the water. We caught sights of sea turtles, pelicans, and fisherman with their catch of the day.

Shelling at Navarre Beach

Because the water is so clear, my kids had so much fun collecting shells at the beach. You can just stand where the water crashes and watch for beautiful shells to pass by.

Navarre Beach

Enjoy the Beach Life

Nothing really compares to white sand beaches. It stays cool to the touch, so you're never burned by the scorching sand. My mom loved sitting on the beach and watching the kids play or make sand castles. She even ventured out into the cool water a couple of times!

Navarre Beach

There is just something incredible about being in the presence of something so powerful and enormous. It really helps you see how small you are.

Our family enjoyed every minute of our time at Navarre Beach. I'm sure we'll figure out a way to get back there again in the future!

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