May the Fourth Celebrations – Free Star Wars Code Breaker Printable

Even though I'm not a full on Star Wars fan (don't hate me), I do love the series. There are some rich truths that come out in this epic tale that I really am a fan of. May the 4th is a fun day to draw out this movie and contemplate the light and dark symbolism that penetrates this saga.

I have a free code breaking printable for you today that is Star Wars themed, and I'm also sharing some fun gifts for the Star Wars fan in your life. May the Force be with you!

star wars printable

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Star Wars Treats for Fans

We love monopoly, but it's even better with Star Wars characters and themed board to play with.

Add a little educational fun with these Star Wars Mad Libs!!

If you've seen Chewbacca Mom, you'll know that this Chewy mask comes with lots of laughs!

These cute little Porgs may have just been my favorite new characters from the last movie.

I can't decide if I'd rather have a figurine or a t-shirt!

Of course my youngest loves stickers, so this sticker book would be perfect for our next road trip!

BB-8 is my mother-in-law's favorite character, and for good reason! He's so cool! Star Wars LEGO sets are pretty incredible, and this one looks like a winner!

Although a fully functional droid version would be way cooler:

I always loved these figurines. They allow for so much creative play!

Although the ones with movable parts look even better:

I would personally love this puzzle! There is so much to look at and discover in the classic comic art.

I'm not a huge fan of the actual light saber toys because they can really hurt when someone hits you with one, but these inflatable sabers would be so fun at a Star Wars party:

And I totally love this light up Death Star beach ball! How fun would that be in the pool at night?!

One year I made chocolate Yoda's for my class as prizes for an achievement. They loved them! Look at all of these fun molds for making chocolates or ice!

Breakfast could not be any more fun with this Star Wars waffle iron:

Channel the force and caffeine with these cool coffee mugs!

This cookie jar just makes me smile:

I just love the idea of a "sweatshirt blanket" - but your Star Wars fan will love the look of this as well:

star wars printable

There are just so many fun ways to celebrate your Star Wars love! Make sure to grab the free Code Breaking Printable and may the force be with you!

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