Friday Night Fun with a Family Audiobooks Listening Party

Just because we home school doesn't mean we have tons of quality family time. As my kids get older it seems that there are so many activities, friends, and commitments that pull our family in so many different directions. We still have to be intentional to spend fun time together if it's going to happen.

This year we've planned family date nights every other weekend. Since my oldest just has a short time before graduating, we wanted to make the most of our time with him while he's still with us. However, by mid October, we all just needed a quiet night at home together, but we didn't want it to just be a typical movie night. So we went back to our roots - listening to family audio books together thanks to Focus on the Family's latest release Adventures in Odyssey: Up in the Air.

I received a free copy of Adventures in Odyssey: Up in the Air in exchange for my honest review. I was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own. See my full disclosure policy for more details.

Family Audiobooks Theme Party

My kids are older now, but they're never too old to enjoy Adventures in Odyssey. My middle daughter was thrilled with the idea and decided that she wanted to jazz up our listening party with good snacks. It's so much more fun to share time together with good food.

We went for a snacky dinner with fun treats including a cheese board, rainbow brownie bites, and rain cloud popcorn balls. No one was sad about staying in with this spread!

We also love doing puzzles together as a family. We've figured out how to do a 500 piece puzzle all together in one evening. This is important, because there isn't a surface in the house that we can safely leave a puzzle out.

I decided to go with the sky fun theme my daughter initiated with the food and found a fun carnival puzzle to share together.

Adventures in Odyssey: Up in the Air

It is incredible that the people over at Focus on the Family can continue to develop such great content. I was listening to their stories when I was a kid, and I love that I can share them with my children.

Adventures in Odyssey (AIO #63) Up in the Air did not disappoint. The stories are so clever that they kept our attention and made us want to continue listening on through the evening. There were also a lot of laughs along the way!

Our favorite by far was B-TV. Building off the theme of forgiveness, the characters learn about the detrimental effects of seeking revenge. The pun filled sketches are incredible, but my kids absolutely loved the what-if zone. In the what-if zone, familiar Bible stories featuring forgiveness are featured and then the endings are rewritten imagining what if the characters hadn't forgiven. You get to hear tales of woe and destruction if Joseph hadn't forgiven his brothers, Esau hadn't forgiven Jacob, and if the Prodigal Son had been rejected by his father.

Win a Copy to Share With You Family

You can enter to win a copy for your family to enjoy a great family night in, or for entertainment on your next road trip. My girls still love listening to these stories over and over as they go to sleep.

Listen to a preview of this fun audio story here! It would make a great Christmas gift or Thanksgiving travel treat. But you don't need a holiday to enjoy these great stories. Put on your PJs and enjoy a night in with the family courtesy of Focus on the Family!

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