My Homeschool Scheduling Dream Planner: Flexible School Schedule

Planning for our homeschool is one of my favorite things to do. There is just something exciting about being able to customize a unique plan for each of my unique children. While I can have an overambitious streak, I've settled into the realistic plan that we can hopefully accomplish. There is one thing I hate about paper planners: when life disrupts school, I can't just reschedule easily. I'm constantly having to reconfigure in my mind and hope we can get caught up to "the plan". It's pretty frustrating.homeschool planner

I've tried some online planners, but most of them don't allow easy access from any devise, and while I enjoy planning on my computer, if my plan is digital, I want it easy to get to from anywhere!

Solution: Flexible School Schedule

There is a new application in the works that I would love to get my hands on: Flexible School Schedule. Right now it's in the funding stage for development. As I've looked into what this homeschool family is creating, this online homeschool planner has everything I've been looking for and more. Here's what you can do:

1. Gather Your Thoughts

As you homeschool, all kinds of ideas and plans come to mind. But you may not be ready to act on them. The scratchpad is a great place to jot them down so you won't forget.

2. Collect Your Resources

As your homeschool library grows and as you find more and more resources online, it can be difficult to remember what you have and where everything is. The Flexible School Schedule resource list can help. Simply enter a video link, website link or book into the list so you always know what you have and where to find it.

3. Layout Your School Year

Plan your year in flexible terms and weeks per term, not rigid dates and times on a calendar. Homeschool life is rarely rigid. Children go at their own pace. Life happens and we need to stop for a day or two. Flexible school schedule allows you to speed up or slow down as needed. You can even stop and just start back up right where you left of.

homeschool planner

4. Plan Your Subjects

Focus on each child’s individual needs and pace as you plan what subjects you’ll teach. You can schedule subjects to be taught as many times per week or per term as each child and each subject requires.

5. Record Your Progress

As you progress through the school year, mark each lesson complete when it is done. Enter what you did, when you did it and how long you spent doing it. Progress bars will give you an overview of your child’s progress for the year, the term and on a per subject basis.

6. Report Your Accomplishments

You can create custom reports. Simply select what data you would like to see and click “print” to get beautifully formatted reports that accurately represent your efforts, perfect for your records and to assist with fulfilling state requirements.

Flexible School Schedule will work with your life, not against it. It’s about steady progress, not arbitrary pressure.

I love this quote from their website because this is how I've come to teach from rest. We make steady progress, and there is so much beauty that comes from educating with freedom. I'd love to have a planner that supports my efforts to do so!

homeschool planner

Help Flexible School Schedule Happen

Right now, this idea is just that—an idea. You can help make it happen, and even have a say in how the final product ends up! Check out their Kickstarter Campaign to help get it started.

What feature would you include in a homeschool schedule app?

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