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Since my son got his driving permit, we've kinda had this rule that he shouldn't be on any electronics while he's in the car. Naturally, he won't be able to use them while he's driving, so it's good to start practicing early.

However, there are some exceptions to our rule. First of all, if he's helping me navigate, he can use his phone as a tool to help us get to our destination. Secondly, if we're going to be in the car for over an hour, whether it's driving across town or across the country, he can use his phone.

Even in the times when it's an exception, I want to present him with options that are excellent way to fill his time. When I heard about Knowre, an online program for upper level math practice, I thought my son would love it. In addition, if he could access it while we were on the road, we could fit in another reinforcement of what he's learning and cultivate a love of math as we are going.

knowre math practice

The idea of playing with math in the car hit me as my son and I were discussing possible games he could play for our next big road trip. We're heading out to California from Texas, so there are plenty of miles of absolutely nothing to see. Why not fit in a little math?

I love that Knowre also has an actual app version of their content, so it works great on the road. For our busy teens, this might be a great way to redeem some of that shuttling time of taking them from one event to the next.

Knower Math Basics

Knowre is an online adaptive secondary math program that identifies gaps in learning and provides students with a personalized curriculum to achieve their full potential. A subscription gets you a year of access to games and tutorials covering:

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2

Knowre math practice

With a fun game interface, students unlock worlds of learning with coins they earn by getting answers correct. My son thought it was highly satisfying to earn coins for every right answer. Additionally, when you complete a zone, you receive stars based on your performance. He told me that he'd be motivated to repeat a section just so he could get all three stars!

Algebra 2 math practice

The beauty is that even when a concept is challenging, your student can get step-by-step guidance from Dr. Doug, Knowre's online math coach, on how to solve the problem.

online math tutor

Even when you get a problem right, the full solution appears at the bottom. This is great for discovering alternative approaches to a problem.

Knowre math practice

Boosting Confidence On the Go

Knowre has helped boost my son's confidence on the go with:

  • providing corrective feedback at each step of a difficult problem
  • demonstrating concepts through instructional videos
  • bringing math skills to life with application questions
  • an interactive map that easily organizes the content
  • reward system that encourages and engages him in learning
  • an interactive app (in addition to the online program)

Getting Started With Pre-Algebra

My daughter is just now entering the world of upper level maths. I'm so excited that she can also learn with this intelligent interface. She's been excited to get feedback on math as she's working through it. If she runs across a problem she doesn't remember how to work, it doesn't just tell her she's right or wrong. It asks her questions to get her heading in the right direction.

pre algebra math practice

One of her favorite parts of the program are the comics that start off each lesson. They are a fun way to warm up to math instead of just jumping right into it.

Pre Algebra math practice

It's a great way to introduce some of these challenging math concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Knowre has a special introductory offer of $29 per user for a whole year! That comes to only $2.42 per month or 8 cents a day!  Such an amazing deal for helping your tween or teen boost their math confidence!  Offer expires August 31, 2017.

Each license is for one user per year. License starts on the day the user signs up for an account and is automatically set to expire one year from date of sign-up. The user can access the product online and through the iPad app. They get access to all the curricula (Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2).

Win a Year of Math Practice with Knowre

Knowre math subscriptions

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