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We've been on the path to independent reading for over seven years now with my youngest. It's a fight worth fighting for, and I am seeing progress. However, it can be a wearisome path to travel. The real challenge is getting in the time needed to practice reading.

With multiple kids, often my youngest gets overlooked due to the pressing needs of her older siblings. I love when I can find ways to help her continue to progress at times when I can't be at her side. Everyone can use a little help every now and then, and Nessy Learning offers a fun and engaging tool that is much more than just reading practice. My daughter is loving it.

Struggling Reader

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Our reading journey started at age three. My middle daughter picked up reading like she picked up breathing—effortlessly. I couldn't wait to introduce her to the world of books. Unfortunately, it didn't quite happen that way.

It didn't take long to see that it would be easy to smother her confidence with traditional methods. Thankfully, she really loves stories. I've worked to foster a love of reading through audio books, but I still want her to find the joy of getting lost in a good book. In just a few short weeks playing Nessy Reading & Spelling, her confidence and proficiency has greatly increased.

Strategies for a Struggling Readers

One of the things I quickly learned while working with my youngest is that simple repetition is not enough. She needed additional strategies in order to master some of the most basic reading principles. Nessy Reading & Spelling integrates these techniques into fun games and entertaining videos all within an imaginary world.

As students progress through the ten island levels, they're learning, reviewing, and locking in those tools to build a lifelong love of reading.

struggling reader

Help for Struggling Teachers

It can be very challenging to watch your student struggle with learning. With Nessy Reading & Spelling, teachers (mom, that's you!) have access to reports to help track progress throughout the game.

As you watch your child improve in their reading and spelling, you can adjust their work in other areas as well. It's amazing how progress can motivate a weary teacher to keep pressing on!

Nessy Reading & Spelling also offers thousands of worksheets that integrate with the concepts students have learned while playing the game. This is an excellent way to extend the learning offline, as well as work on trouble spots identified while playing.

Nessy Keeps Learning Fun

One of the biggest changes I've seen in my daughter over the past month of playing with Nessy is that she's the one initiating working on reading. When learning is fun, it is easier to work longer. Time is key to becoming a proficient reader.

Within the Nessy Reading & Spelling game, students make their own monkey character that travels through the island levels. As they complete missions and games, they earn nuggets which they can spend in Monkey Town playing fun games.

Start Learning For Free

You can try out Nessy Reading & Spelling for the first week free. If you decide to subscribe, use code BLOG17 for 15% off your first month. The monthly price of Nessy Reading and Spelling is $12. It's a worthy investment!

If your child struggles with reading, you might enjoy this free e-book that explains dyslexia. It might just be that your child has a form of dyslexia that you haven't realized yet, and strategies like the ones used in Nessy Learning might unlock learning for your child.

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