Why I don’t D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read)

Reading is important element in my homeschool. My desire is to raise readers who know how to seek out wisdom and knowledge from books.  I'm guest posting on Book Shark today talking about the challenges of letting kids loose without giving them any guidance.

While I'm all for independent learning, I also see the risks to leaving your kids to their own devices. It can just be so tempting...

Teaching reading can be a daunting task. It was my greatest fear as I contemplated homeschooling. Could I do it? What I've found over my years of interacting with my readers is that there is really only one element that is key to helping someone find success in reading: quality time with a mentor.

I grew up in the "DEAR" time era. We dropped everything and read all the way through my middle school days. While this practice seemed effective for me, I was also an avid reader. Now that I'm helping cultivate young readers, unsupported independent reading is not something I find a valuable way to utilize my student's time.

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