The Perfect Gift for a Silver Anniversary

A silver anniversary is a beautiful milestone. Celebrating 25 years of marriage is rare these days, and when a couple makes it to this milestone, it's fun to have a unique gift to commemorate the occasion.

Recently my aunt and uncle celebrated their 25th and I put together a gift for them that my grandmother made for my parents when they celebrated their silver anniversary. It's so simple to make, yet so meaningful.

Gather Up Quarters

The hardest part about making this silver anniversary gift is finding the coins that coincide with the years the couple has been married. We found a quarter for every year they were married, starting in 1991 through 2016.

Gather Your Materials

I used some simple 11x14 mounting board to attach my quarters. It's firm, but not too heavy to frame. Then all you need are your quarters, a pretty frame, and some hot glue.

Add some hot glue to the quarter, and flip it quickly to place it. I like to lay my quarters out in the "25" shape before I start gluing. This ensures that my final result will look nice. Make sure that the date is showing on the quarters. 1999 was the year that the state quarters started, and the date is on the back of those.

I used 13 quarters for the "2" and 13 quarters for the "5". You end up with 26 quarters in the design because you use a quarter for the year that they were married. The glue works in a couple of seconds, so work fast!

The end result is a treasured keepsake commemorating their silver anniversary. I made a simple name plate at the bottom using Canva. It's printed on simple printer paper and mounted with a glue stick.

silver anniversary gift


It was so fun to celebrate my aunt and uncle's wedding anniversary with a perfect silver anniversary gift!

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