5 Ways to Use WonderMaps During Morning Time

Today, I'm guest posting for Bright Ideas Press, and sharing how we incorporate WonderMaps in our morning time. I love the flexibility of the software to create maps custom to whatever you are studying. Morning time is a great time to integrate geography if it's not already a part of your studies.

Morning time is the glue of our home school. Even though each child has their own unique path of study, everyone comes together for an hour a day to learn and grow together. In addition, morning time offers an added benefit for me as a teacher to integrate several subjects at once to get the most out of our time together. Geography is one of those subjects that works best when taught in context.

I love using WonderMaps to customize the maps we use in our morning time. For each topic we pursue, I can select elements to highlight with our studies. In just a few extra minutes a day, we effortlessly incorporate geography, and the study has purpose and meaning because it is wrapped up in the lives and events of the topics we are studying. Here are some great ways to incorporate Wonder Maps into your morning time.

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