5 Basic Ingredients for a Perfect Night In

I love a good night at home with the family. With all of the possible activities everyone could be participating in during the holiday season, it's important to pause and spend time together as a family. But have we even forgotten how to do that without killing each other?!

Everyone has their phone/media device out, and no one is interacting. It seems like the only way to get the family to engage with one another is with some expensive event or activity. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be that way. With a few simple ingredients, you'll have the recipe for the perfect night in, and the joy of spending time with those who matter most.


1 - Family is a Key Ingredient

In a season where everyone is pulled every direction, staying in with family is important. When we choose to enjoy a night in together, we have a chance to build relationships with one another that can be otherwise challenging throughout the year. It's great to catch up and continue getting to know one another. While it's fun to be out and experience new things together, there is no substitute to deepening relationships like conversations.

Insider tip: Make sure all of the family is present. This doesn't work as well when one is left out of the fun!

2 - Food Makes Spirits Rise

From enjoying great take-out to frosting sugar cookies, food lifts the spirits. Appealing to the senses, food brings aromas and tastes that warm the body as well as the soul. We make traditional foods to celebrate holidays, and it doesn't feel like the holidays until you have it.

Food is also fun to make together. My girls love baking tasty treats. With a plate of cookies, my family will sit around a table and talk for hours. Pop a bag of popcorn to share with a good movie, or make a great cheese board to munch on while you play games. You're sure to hold your crowd captive if you provide good treats to eat!


Insider tip: If you're cooking an elaborate meal, get the whole family involved together. The point is to share time with one another!

3 - Fun Brings the Flavor

A family night in is not complete without some fun. It doesn't take much to entertain the kids. The reality is that they love our attention no matter what we are doing. As we share time together, we could be working on puzzles, listening to books, or enjoying the fire.


Here are some of our family favorites:

Fun Games to Play:

Movies to watch:

Music to Enjoy

4 - Comfort is Required

Some days I feel like Mr. Rodgers. I like to come in from the cold and change into my comfy clothes and shoes. The kids feel most ready to snuggle in for the night with a good pair of snugly pajamas and fuzzy socks. When the fire is lit, the mood is set for a night of comfort out of the cold.

We love to snuggle by the fire or under blankets on a soft mattress. I dream of having a super comfy mattress like this one by Leesa. When you're surrounded by the cushiony softness of a nice mattress, you could snuggle for days.

Check out this great review of the Leesa mattress by The Sweet Home.

5 - Time, and Lots of It

If you're going to go through the trouble of planning a night in, make sure you give your family plenty of your time. Don't waste the night in fielding calls and texts from work. Unplug and engage with your kids. It will bless both of you!

Disclaimer - This post is inspired by Leesa and as always, all my opinions are my own. 

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