Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Review

Thank you Medieval Times and USFG for hosting our family's trip to Medieval Times Dallas. All opinions are my own.

The holiday season has begun, and our family kicked off our traditional giving of our "presence" together with an incredible dinner packed with sword fights, horse tricks, and evil villains to entertain us. We are studying medieval history this year, so a trip to Medieval Times in Dallas was a prefect place to go. I'm giving away a family 4 pack of tickets to the Dallas location, so make sure to read to the end to enter!


The Medieval Times Experience

The gates at the castle open up 75 minutes before showtime. The line to get in moves quickly. As you get inside, you get your table card, your crown that designates the color of the knight you'll be cheering for, and take a group picture. We got ours taken with a live falcon! The kids were so impressed.


It's fun to get there early and check out the stables where the horses are getting ready for the show. There is also a knighting ceremony in the main lobby where you can pay to add this unique event to your experience. We got to see Peter and Paul be knighted! #ChivalryinAction


We were assigned the red knight. When it's time to be seated, you are led through specific doors to find your table. I don't think there is a bad seat in the house. With stadium seating, every view is unobstructed.

Our waiter greeted us and instructed us on cheering for our knight. As he was giving us final instructions, he told us all to raise our hands. He informed us that our right hand was our fork, and our left was our knife. He encouraged us not to drop them on the floor because they were the only pair we'd receive! Ha!


The show begins with the performance by the Andalusian horses. They are so beautiful. It is quite incredible to watch these magnificent horses show off, and it's obvious that they love to perform.

The Spanish horse is the king of horses and the horse of kings!


Next, the knights come and preform a tournament of games for the audience. Each time a knight succeeds at the task, he is given a flower to throw to a maiden. My girls loved this part!



My older daughter had coached her younger sister on how to catch the eye of the knight. They were both surprised when it worked!

As the show progresses, you are served with amazing food and drink to enjoy. Watching the jousting was incredible. When jousting, the Knights charge at speeds of approximately 15 to 20 miles per hour and reach an impact velocity speed of about 30 to 40 miles per hour. Because these are truly skilled riders and their jousting is real, each shield has to be repainted after every show. My kids loved watching the lances splinter as they collided with the shield of their competitor.


The excitement continues as the tournament is interrupted with an evil messenger that challenges the king. Thankfully, the knights fought to save us all, as well as defend the honor of the princess. While our red knight didn't win, we all loved cheering for his battles. In the end, the good guy always wins, so you're always a winner at Medieval Times.


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