15 Kitchen Tools That Make Great Gifts

Gift giving can be challenging, especially for that person that seemingly has everything. When I'm trying to find a perfect gift, I like to think of things that will foster a continued love of things they're already interested in. There are so many great kitchen tools that make great gifts for the person in your life that loves to be in the kitchen. Here are 15 inspirations for kitchen tools that make great gifts.

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Kitchen Tools for Kids

If you're looking to get your kids engaged in cooking, these funny gadgets will get them excited to help.

1. Fred and Friends THE COOK'S CARROT Whisk

I love this cute little whisk. My girls are always excited about helping, but finding something that they can help with can be challenging. Whisking is a great place to start helping in the kitchen.

2. Animal House Monkey Peeler

Another great option for getting kids involved is peeling veggies. This cute little monkey peeler will have them begging to help out!

Heavy Lifting Kitchen Tools

If you're looking for something to make life easier for your cook, here are some great options:

3. Instant Pot

I use my Instant Pot at least once a week if not more. It cooks rice, meat, oatmeal, baked potatoes, steamed veggies, hard boiled eggs–you name it in a fraction of the time. When we get home from a long day, it's great to throw something in the pressure cooker and have a comforting meal in minutes.

4.  Rice Cooker

If an Instant Pot is not in your budget, this 20 cup Rice Cooker may be a better option. I have both, and use both together. What I love about the rice cooker is that you can cook rice and steam veggies at the same time. It is super easy to use, and the rice cooks to perfection every time.

5. Electric Skillet


I never thought we really had a need an electric skillet until my husband bought one, and it revolutionized our mornings. He makes breakfast for the whole family in a fraction of the time with this electric skillet. It stores really nicely because the handles come off. More importantly, it only takes minutes to clean.

Fun With Fruit

We consume a large amount of fruit in our household. It's great to have tools that make it easier to take advantage of their nutritional goodness.

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6. Creative Fruit Plant All-In-One Multi-Tool

This cute little fruit set does it all! From juicing to apple coring, this cute little gadget has 10 functions wrapped up in an adorable package. Love this!

7. Watermelon Slicer

Have you ever wondered how people cut those perfect watermelon cubes? A watermelon-loving friend of mine showed me her secret to cutting perfect watermelon cubes–this cool tool. It is so much faster than anything I've used before, and it leaves your watermelon rind in tact to use as a bowl for display.

8. Avocado Slicer

I have a daughter that is obsessed with avocado. We eat a lot of it around our house. She got this tool for her eighth birthday, and she loves it! It makes quick work of cutting, pitting, and slicing an avocado, and it is much safer than a regular knife!

9. Mini Bird Ceramic Paring Knife

My friend showed up at a field trip with this cute little paring knife in her lunch kit. She quickly cut up apples for her kids. I fell in love instantly! It's an excellent gift for fruit lovers on the go.

10. Citrus Juicer

My family loves lime juice in their water or tea. This little hand held juicer is a quick tool for getting the most juice out of your citrus. It is amazing!

Tools of Convenience

Anything that makes my life easier in the kitchen is a blessing in my book! Here are some of my favorites:

11. Rachael Ray Garbage Bowl

I learned to cook by watching Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals. She is the queen of efficient cooking. One tool that I have consistently used is the garbage bowl. All you do is throw the unused portions of the fruits or veggies that you're prepping in this bowl instead of running to the trash can every time. It really does make quick work of clean up when you're done.

12. Aqua Bird Salt Cellar

My kids got me this salt cellar last year for Christmas. I love it because I keep it by the stove, and it make it super simple to add a little salt to my boiling water or the stir-fried veggies. It's also super cute!

13. Butter Bell Crock

I am a big fan of real butter, however, it's hard to spread on anything when it's fresh out of the fridge. I'm not good at remembering to set it out to soften either. That's why I love my butter bellYou fill the bell that is connected to the lid with softened butter (it holds about half a cup), and then you put a little water in the container. When you set the butter upside down in the container, the water keeps it fresh and soft for daily use. It's an old time gadget that has stood the test of time!

14. Silpat

My mother-in-law introduced me to the silpat for baking. You put it on top of your cookie sheet, and it makes clean up after baking ridiculously easy. It also aids in consistent heat distribution which results in consistent browning for perfect baked goods.

Just For Fun

15. Frozen Yogurt/Ice Cream Maker

There is nothing more fun than making your own ice cream or frozen yogurt. With a tool like this, you can control what ingredients are included in your sweet treats.

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