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Field trips are amazing opportunities for experiential learning. I try to work them into our schedule and budget every chance I get. However, it's challenging to fit them in as often as I'd like. I'm a home body. On rainy days I like to snuggle up with my kids and read a good book in my sweats.

What if you could do both? What if you could take your kids on exciting field trips while snuggling on the couch in your sweats? Technology today has made the concept of a virtual field trip possible, and Field Trip Zoom has gathered a rich variety of experiences for you to share with your kids from the comfort of your home. It's really pretty amazing!

Virtual Field Trip

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How Does a Virtual Field Trip with Field Trip Zoom Work?

Field Trip Zoom provides virtual field trips for home school and public school classrooms. There are 250+ live stream events for the year from 90 providers in fields of music, history, science, art, wellness, etc. for ages K-12. Everyone in your family can watch. All you need is internet access.

Check out their calendar of virtual field trips, or sign up to experience one for free before you purchase. When you purchase a Zoom Zone Season Pass, you'll go in and register for all the field trips you'd like to attend. When the time comes for your virtual field trip, you'll get an email reminder with instructions to log in to the field trip.

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You watch from the comfort of your home through their web cam. Don't worry, you can even watch in your pajamas because your camera and mic are not live throughout the presentation!

Benefits of Field Trip Zoom

  • Live Interaction With Field Experts - Even if I took my kids to a museum or local point of interest, it's not guaranteed that we'll get time to chat with an expert in person. Through these live streaming experiences, my kids get to interact with experts in their field. They can type in questions and have them answered directly. It's great for them to engage in conversation with people who love what they're doing.


  • Quick Travel To Exotic Destinations - Well, maybe exotic is a stretch, but there are so many locations on the list that I may never have the opportunity to physically take my kids to see. We've walked through Pike's Place Market in Seattle, went behind the scenes in the Bat Zone in Detroit, and spoke with election experts at President Andrew Jackson's hermitage in Nashville.
  • Time Saving With Instant Access - Each program runs from 30-45 minutes long. Most field trips we attend locally can take that long in travel time alone. With instant access I'm able to expose my children to a wide variety of programs without much disruption to our normal daily schedule.
  • Cost Effective For Any Size Family - With five kids and three adults that circulate our school daily, field trips can be a budget breaker. Even if I can find a field trip that is inexpensive, there's also the matter of gas and food that will be consumed in the outing. At just $49.95 for a years subscription, you can attend as many virtual field trips as you like. It's really a great value. Use the coupon code below, which is good through December 31, 2016, to get 10% off your pass.

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