Snap Circuits: Hands-On Learning Stations

Electricity powers our world. It is a fascinating facet of science that kids love to learn about. The challenge is finding a way for them to experience this energy source in a safe way...especially if you don't have a licensed electrician handy to oversee the hands-on experience! Snap Circuits are one of my best homeschool purchases this year. There is so much rich learning happening while kids are working with the circuits. The best part is that they are safe and fun to play with on their own.

snap circuits

 Snap Circuits and Motion

I found this snap circuits set on sale during Amazon's Prime Day in July. It comes with an instruction manual that guides students through several basic circuit projects before you reach the more advanced set-ups.

This hands on experience in invaluable because students get to experiment with what happens when a circuit is reversed, when the circuit is broken, or when the circuit is successful. Once they become familiar with how circuits work, the pieces can be reworked in to unique circuit creations. The more inventive they become, the more they are soaking in the knowledge of how electricity works.


Other Snap Circuits Sets

You can find some really inexpensive starter Snap Circuits sets if you're looking to gain experience with not a lot of investment. If your child loves it, there are so many cool sets out there that I'm sure they would love to explore. I'm looking forward to adding another set to our collection at Christmas, and then seeing what they come up with when they combine the two sets.

Extending the Learning at the Station

To extend the learning with Snap Circuits at the station, I'll be adding books to explore that deal with energy and electronics. This could be anything from how it works to how it is applied. My goal is to whet their appetite for knowledge.

Check out these great videos that will also enhance the study of Electricity:

So, are you all charged up about sharing electricity with your kids? I hope so!


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